Battlefield 2042 Release Date Status, Gameplay, Trailer And All We Know

A release date for EA’s long-running “Battlefield” series has been announced, and it appears that players can expect their next dose of large-scale, mixed-arms virtual battle to take place not too far in the future.

“Battlefield 2042” has a more conceptual approach to technology than “Battlefield 2142.” It is set two decades from now in the future. This suggests that the series will return to a modern setting, something that hasn’t happened since “Battlefield 4” in 2013.

Wingsuits, robot dogs, and other near-future technology will be used in the game, rather than more futuristic developments like mechs.

After three years without a new major “Battlefield”, it looks like the game is adapting to the shifting online shooter landscape while remaining true to the series’ basic formula. Battlefield 2042’s release date, trailer, and gameplay are all mentioned below.

Release Date for Battlefield 2042

A release date for “Battlefield 2042” was announced at E3 2021, giving fans something they rarely get with high-profile game announcements.

The release date of October 22, 2021, was confirmed by Xbox Wire after the game debuted at the Microsoft and Bethesda Showcase.

Along with a release date in the near future, players can look forward to early access opportunities and other details about the game.

First up, DICE LA is revealing a new squad-based mode for the game that will be demonstrated at an event on July 22.

Preordering the game also qualifies gamers to participate in the game’s open beta period. Pre-orders of the Ultimate or Gold versions of the game will enable the players to access the unique content on October 15, one week before the game’s official launch.

Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042

Trailer of Battlefield 2042

A cinematic trailer titled “Battlefield 2042” was published on June 9, just before the start of E3 2021.

It was noted in the trailer that some of the animations were created using the in-game engine, but the clip itself was extremely stylized and didn’t reveal much about what players may expect when the game releases in October.

A full gameplay trailer was then shown to the public on June 13 at a Microsoft and Bethesda event. Though there was a “Pre-Alpha” caution in the corner of that video, it’s likely a realistic depiction of the whole experience, especially given how near the game’s release date is.

Players must fight across a sandstorm-ravaged desert city in the latest trailer. With the release of “Battlefield 2042” gamers will be able to test out some of the game’s new features like air-dropped tanks and dynamic grappling hook movement. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, you can check it out below.

The Gameplay of Battlefield 2042

“Battlefield” may be the biggest game in the franchise yet, despite the fact that the makers haven’t stated any plans to move too far from the typical “Battlefield 2042” formula of open warfare and mixed-arms action.

From the start, “Battlefield 2042” will increase the number of players per match from 64 to 128 on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. Conquest and Breakthrough modes, the game’s most popular online modes, will both be augmented by bots for the first time in the game’s history.

EA has also stated that “Battlefield 2042” is getting two new modes. In Hazard Zone, the developers promise a fresh take on squad-based combat, but information about what fans may expect is still a little scarce.

Although Xbox Wire reported that the final gameplay mode would be disclosed during a planned event scheduled for July 22, it has not yet been announced.

The new mode’s name is still a mystery, but fans already know what it isn’t: a battle royale. No “Fortnite” or “Call of Duty: Warzone” mode will be included in “Battlefield 2042” according to game director Oskar Gabrielson.

Fortunately, it appears that when the game releases in October 2021, gamers will have plenty of other options to keep them entertained.

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