Ben Napier Weight Loss: Revealing His Health Struggles and Triumphs!

The hosts of the HGTV show Home Town, Ben and Erin Napier, reside in the Mississippi town of Laurel and work on home renovations there. Ben, a woodworker, author, and businessman with a background in history, is passionate about maintaining and restoring old houses.

Families looking to buy a home gain from Erin’s design knowledge, her innovative house portraiture, and Ben’s construction know-how, woodworking abilities, and custom renovations that usually use recycled and local materials. Several spinoffs, including Home Town Takeover and Home Town Kickstart, were also developed from the HGTV hit.

Ben served as the previous president of the Main Street America organization in Laurel, which works to encourage the revitalization of the city’s historic downtown. Here is more information about Ben Napier.

Here are some further updates that are related to celebrities health issues and weight loss:

Ben Napier Weight Loss

Ben Napier looks and feels fantastic! Erin Napier, an HGTV celebrity, celebrated her husband’s fitness journey on Instagram on Monday. Ben, who co-hosts Home Town with Erin, has put a lot of effort into getting healthy since 2022. In a cute video, Erin is now showcasing how far he’s come.

Ben Napier Weight Loss

Ben can be seen in the video wearing an Oxford button-down shirt and chinos. The host appears at ease with his appearance as “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” by Jim Croce plays in the background while he folds his coat over his arm. Erin is obviously also proud.

Erin provided some background information about Ben’s transformation in her post, writing, “He got hardcore about his health and fitness last winter ahead of his big shoulder surgery that was in March so he could sleep better on his back and lower his BP.” The caption was concluded with the jubilant phrase “Mission accomplished.”


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Ben mentioned their two girls as well as the operation as major sources of motivation. Helen, their first kid, turned five in 2018, and Mae, their second child, was born in 2021.

Ben previously posted on Instagram about the health issues affecting his family. “I come from a long line of big men who don’t really discuss their health until it’s an issue,” he wrote. “In 2014, one month before his 60th birthday, my father had emergency bypass surgery. Suddenly, this problem that seemed so far from me was standing right in front of me.”

Along the road, Erin has been offering her support, even taking a quick thirst trap of her hubby back in March. She shared a picture of Ben working on wood without a shirt on Instagram.

“While we napped, [Ben] built us girls travel easels,” she wrote alongside the photo. That didn’t stop commenters from digging in, with one writing, “I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn; all of us would love a little Ben in our lives.”

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