Ben Stiller Age, Net Worth, Early Life, Battle With Cancer and Much More

Ben Stiller has a net worth of $200 million and is an American actor, comedian, writer, film director, and producer. Movies like “Zoolander,” “There’s Something About Mary,” “Meet the Parents,” and “Tropic Thunder” helped make him a household name. Ben Stiller movies have made more than $6 billion at the global box office.

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Early Life

The son of Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, Benjamin Edward Stiller was born on November 30, 1965, and is currently 56 years old. According to Ben, he was “born for a career in show business” because of his unique upbringing. Stiller spent much of his childhood on the Upper West Side, near the studios of his parents’ TV shows. Amy, Ben’s older sister, also has a career in show business and has guest starred in several of his performances. As kids, they used to collaborate on Super 8 films. Stiller made his acting debut on his mother’s TV show, Kate McShane, when he was nine. He then started performing with NYC’s First All Children’s Theater. Stiller received his degree from New York’s Calhoun School in 1983. He attended UC Los Angeles for nine months as a film major before returning to New York City to pursue acting.


Stiller began his Broadway career in a 1986 revival of “The House of Blue Leaves.” It ended up winning four Tonys in the end. Ben’s career began by making short films and “mockumentaries” that poked fun at the documentary genre. “Saturday Night Live” took notice of his 10-minute short “The Hustler of Money.” Airing in 1987, Stiller was offered a writing role on the show the following year. Meanwhile, he had a little part in Steven Spielberg’s “Empire of the Sun.”

ben stiller age
ben stiller age

Stiller shot to fame after co-starring with Cameron Diaz in the Farrelly Brothers’ “There’s Something About Mary” in 1998. With the success of the comedy, he was able to make $3 million. Meet the Parents, in which Stiller starred in 2000, is arguably his most famous film performance. Stiller made $2.5 million for his role in “Zoolander.” He worked with Owen Wilson again in “The Royal Tenenbaums” in 2001. In 2004, Stiller participated in six comedies, including some of the highest-grossing films of his career. Dodgeball, Along Came Polly, and Anchorman were just a few of these. In 2006, he had another major leading part in “Night at the Museum,” which made over $115 million in just 10 days. His filmography kept growing, and he even reprised his role as Michael in the final Meet the Parents film. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which Ben produced, directed, and acted in, was a commercial and critical success in 2013. Ben also appeared in the follow-up films to “Night at the Museum” and “Zoolander.”

So far, Ben has contributed to more than 50 films as either a writer, actor, director, or producer. More than $6.4 billion has been made from his film’s box office success as an actor. Several Teen Choice Awards and MTV Movie Awards are among the honors he’s received for his efforts. Ben Stiller is one of the original members of “The Frat Pack,” a group of actors who have frequently collaborated on comedic stage performances. Jack Black, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Luke Wilson, and Steve Carell are all members of this ensemble.

Fight Against Cancer

Actor Ben Stiller opened up about his prostate cancer diagnosis in 2014, claiming that early detection is what saved his life. According to People magazine, the “Zoolander 2” actor is currently advocating for the Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Test.

“If ([my doctor) had waited, as the American Cancer Society recommends, until I was 50, I would not have known I had a growing tumor until two years after I got treated,” the star said.

He added, “If he had followed the US Preventive Services Task Force standards, I would have never gotten tested at all, and I wouldn’t have known I had cancer until it was way too late to cure successfully.”

His cancer diagnosis, he claimed, was like something out of a film. He said his doctor’s voice “literally faded out like every movie or TV show about a guy being told he had cancer… A classic Walter White moment, except I, was me, and no one was filming anything at all.”

On June 13, 2014, Stiller received the news that he had prostate cancer. On September 17 of that year, he received test results indicating that his cancer had been eradicated.

“At first, I didn’t know what was going to happen. I was scared. As I learned more about my disease, I could wrap my head around the fact that I was incredibly fortunate. Fortunate because my cancer was detected early enough to treat. And also, because my internist gave me a test, he didn’t have to.

“Afterwards, it just gives you an appreciation for life. Every six months, I take my PSA test to ensure I’m clear.

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