Who is Beth Behrs Husband? All About Michael Gladis

Behrs published a birthday message for her real-life husband, Michael Gladis, in late August, demonstrating that she is a natural at informing her followers of happy milestones. She captioned the photo, “Cowboy of my dreams.” This is just a reminder post for all of his friends who follow me to get in touch today since he is not on there.

What a thoughtful gesture! However, who is Michael Gladis and what has he been doing since marrying Behrs? Find out by reading on!

Beth Behrs Husband Michael Gladis Made an Appearance In Mad Men

Michael Gladis has been behind numerous iconic, long-running television roles, just like his wife Beth Behrs. Michael Gladis originally made his name in the local theatrical scene after earning his degree from the State University of New York at New Paltz.

Who is Beth Behrs Husband? All About Michael Gladis

This helped him obtain his breakthrough role on “Mad Men.” Paul Kinsey, a copywriter for the Sterling Cooper advertising agency, was the character he played in four of the seven seasons of the show. Paul was a passionate mentor to Peggy Olson, who was portrayed by Elizabeth Moss.

Gladis can thank “Mad Men” for his romantic relationship with Beth Behrs in addition to giving his career trajectory a substantial boost. According to Martha Stewart, the couple initially met at a “Mad Men” premiere party when Gladis’ sister photographed Behrs.

The two later reconnected and discussed their shared love of country music, which resulted in a marriage proposal in 2016 that included a jazz ensemble performing “It Never Entered My Mind.”

The Pennsylvania native told Martha Stewart of their second encounter: “We connected over our shared love of country music (a unusual thing in L.A.), and he invited me over to ‘play some tunes.”

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Both Beth Behrs and Michael Gladis made appearances on The Neighborhood

It seemed natural that a gifted couple like Michael Gladis and Beth Behrs would eventually work together professionally. Gladis made a cameo as the snarky Dr. Fisher in the third season of “The Neighborhood,” who is in charge of giving Calvin a much-needed checkup. Behrs was obviously ecstatic to hear the news.

Behrs told TVLine, “I may be partial, but I am so thrilled to have the best actor I know join ‘The Neighborhood. We have been together for almost ten years, yet we have never been able to collaborate on a movie or television project! We can not wait to sneak in some smooches in between takes because we are so thrilled.”

Interview of Beth Behrs about The Neighborhood:

Behrs also acknowledged to TV Line in February 2021 that Gladis’ involvement on the show was first kept a secret from her by the showrunners. Gladis had to come downstairs one day, which was followed by a confrontation, before she learned the truth. “I am going to come do an episode,” he declared. I did not know, the “Monsters University” star admitted.

“They were hiding it from me [and it was spoiled],” I said. Simply put, because he loves everyone, it was so joyful. Since we are all quite close, he has met everyone in a social situation.

Such a lovely surprise! Future collaborations between this dynamic duo have us very interested.

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