Bhad Bhabie has Reached $20 Million Net worth in 2022 (Updated)

Bhad Bhabie is the stage name of Danielle Bregoli, an American singer, songwriter, and rapper. On Dr. Phil, she stated, “Cash me outside, how about dah?” which became a viral catchphrase. She acquired fame in September 2016 when she appeared on the show.

Bhad Bhabie’s Net Worth

Bhad Bhabie has an estimated net worth of $20 million, according to several reports. Millions were made by the 19-year-old through music, brand deals, and most notably, OnlyFans.

As of this writing, Danielle is one of OnlyFans’ highest-paid stars. Ads can bring in $300,000 a month and up to $100,000 from a single post.

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Early Years

Danielle Bregoli was born in Boynton Beach, Florida, on March 26, 2003. Barbara Ann Bregoli and Ira Peskowitz are the parents. Before her mother became pregnant, her parents dated for almost a year before calling it quits. Her mother raised her in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Personal Life

According to Bregoli, she is open to dating both men and women. For a while, she was in a relationship with her ex-girlfriend.

Bregoli threatened the life of Disney Channel star Skai Jackson in a 2020 video she posted on her social media accounts. Later, Jackson sought an order of protection against Danielle, saying that the latter had made death threats to Jackson.

Skai claims that she is afraid to leave her residence by herself, and even after Bregoli threatened her, she couldn’t sleep soundly. She went on to say that Bregoli is “mentally unstable,” which she feels is the case.

Text messages made by Bregoli to Skai were shown to the judge, in which Bregoli allegedly told Jackson that she wanted to attack her. After that, the judge issued a restraining order requiring Bregoli to stay at least 100 yards away from Jackson, her residence, and her place of employment.

bhad bhabie net worth
bhad bhabie net worth

She is also forbidden from contacting Jackson in any manner. NBA YoungBoy, a rapper, is reportedly at the center of the controversy.

Professional Life

According to previous reports, she became famous in 2016 after making an appearance on Dr. Phil, where she stated the phrase “Cash Me Ousside Girl” in the section “I Want to Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Waving, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me for a Crime.”

After that, she garnered a large following on social media and appeared in Kodak Black’s “Everything 1K” music video. Bregoli’s catchphrase was nominated for an MTV Movie & TV Award in the “Trending” category.

Following her appearance on “Dr. Phil,” Bregoli was sent to a ranch for problematic kids in Utah for treatment. As a result, she was hauled into detention on charges of grand theft and the filing of a fake police complaint.

In July 2017, she was sentenced to five years of probation after being convicted of the crime. When she finally found a new counsel, she was able to get out of probation the next year.

With her debut single, “These Heaux,” Bregoli became the youngest female rapper to ever chart on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2017. After that, Atlantic Records signed her to a record contract.

In addition, she has a growing singing career, a makeup line, a reality show, and a reality tour. She dropped her debut mixtape, named “15,” in September of last year. ‘Hi Bich’, her follow-up single, also made the Hot 100.

She has made a reputation for herself by seizing every chance that has been presented to her. She had a total of 16.3 million Instagram followers, 568,000 Twitter followers, and 7.4 million subscribers to her YouTube channel.


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A significant portion of her income comes from sponsored Instagram posts and product placements. Fit Tea and Postmates were two of her first paid clients. Her Fit Tea video has amassed over 12 million views.

Pulse Music Group revealed in July 2019 that she has signed a $1 million songwriting and publishing contract. A $350,000 initial payment is followed by two $350,000 installments after she hits the revenue objectives.

It’s a little over a million dollars in advance on future royalties. Then there’s the fact that Bregoli will get 70% of the earnings from any future record sales.

Since she was paid $40,000 merely to appear at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in May 2018, she allegedly charges up to $40,000 for meet and greets, as evidenced by her appearance at the festival.

Indeed, the festival’s owner had held a party for Bregoli on his 14th birthday there, and she had also taken a cut of ticket sales as compensation.

An event in the United States would cost about $30,000, whereas an event outside of the United States would cost about $40,000. Her personal 25-city tour reportedly netted her approximately $1 million.

It was in December 2018 that she inked a deal with Snapchat to produce a reality series for the social media platform. There were 10 million unique viewers in the first 24 hours of the Snapchat sitcom, “Bringing Up Bhabie,” which had 12 episodes.

In January 2019, Danielle was paid $900,000 as part of a deal with a new cosmetics brand called CopyCat Beauty for a six-month term. A portion of the company’s revenues will also go to her.

If the endorsement does well, she will be eligible for a significant incentive and the opportunity to start her own makeup line.

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