Biden to Discuss ‘guardrail’ for U.s. And China, With Xi Jinping: Official

Presidents Joe Biden of the United States and Xi Jinping of China held a virtual summit on Monday, calling for improved communication between the two nations as well as “guardrails” to prevent a conflict.

Biden said that “guardrails” must be established to ensure that the competition between the two countries does not develop into conflict, whether intentionally or unintentionally. He added that they would have an “honest” discussion. Beijing’s Xi referred to Biden as an “old buddy” and said the competitors needed to work together more closely.

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“Communication and collaboration between China and the United States must improve,” he said. “A strong and stable China-US partnership is important for our two countries’ development and for ensuring a peaceful and stable international environment, including developing effective responses to global challenges like climate change, which you addressed, and the COVID pandemic.”

Biden is heading into the summit “from a position of strength,” according to White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki, and after months of forging relationships with Western democracies to restrict China.

The conference, according to Psaki, is “a chance to set the parameters of competitiveness with China” and to demand that Beijing “follow the rules of the road.” 

The Reason Behind the Meeting Between Two Super Nations

The emphasis of attention in the run-up to the meeting was on the issue over Taiwan, a self-governing democracy claimed by China, with Biden’s advisers seeing the summit as a chance to maintain peace.

Biden to Discuss

Relations between the global powers deteriorated under Donald Trump’s presidency, as the president started a trade battle with China and criticized Beijing’s response to an international investigation into the origins of the Covid epidemic in Wuhan, China.

The conflict, according to Biden, is a battle between democracy and dictatorship. Despite a more controlled tone than during Trump’s presidency, tensions over Taiwan are on the edge of exploding into a more dangerous situation. 

With Rising Tensions, New Ideas Are Being Adopted by the Two Supergiants

Chinese military involvement near Taiwan has increased over the years, with a record number of Beijing’s jets violating the island’s air defense zone last October. Although the US maintains it supports Taiwan’s right to self-defense, it is unclear whether it will intervene directly.

“Any involvement of and assistance for the ‘Taiwan independence’ forces threatens peace across the Taiwan Strait and would only boomerang in the end,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated in a phone call with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. The Chinese foreign ministry put the onus on Biden to improve relations on Monday. 

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We hope that the US and China will work together to get along, Zhao Lijian, a spokeswoman for the foreign ministry, told reporters. Biden would be “quite straightforward about China’s coercive and aggressive behavior concerning Taiwan, according to a US administration official. However, the source added that the two countries might collaborate on a variety of issues, including climate change.

The Chinese embassy in Washington said in a statement ahead of the meeting that the US and China have come to a crossroads,” and that the meeting will enable the leaders to have a candid, in-depth, and complete exchange of ideas.

China expects that the US side would cooperate with China to investigate how our two major countries get along in the new era based on mutual respect and peaceful coexistence, strengthen discussion and cooperation, effectively manage differences, and correctly handle sensitive issues.

Discussion on Areas of Differences

Biden expected that the two would spend a lot of time talking about areas where they disagree, such as human rights, economics, and “ensuring a free and open Indo-Pacific. We have always communicated openly and honestly with one another.

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We never leave wondering what the other guy is thinking, Biden explained. What we do for one another is not a favor to any of our countries, Biden said to Xi, but it is responsible world leadership. You and the United States are both big world leaders. For more updates, keep following us here.

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