Biden Tours Kentucky Tornado Damage, Urge Families to “keep the Faith”

Recently, a powerful tornado took place near the coast of Kentucky which created serious havoc. The damage received near the area has forced President Biden to move to Kentucky on Wednesday to inspect the damage caused by several tornadoes that caused problems on the state resulted in the killing of many innocent people and injuring 74 people also displacing hundreds of people who are still missing and rescue operation is being performed near the area to evacuate them at earliest. 

During the inspection in Kentucky, the president announced that the federal government will cover 100% of the costs for all emergency work conducted in the affected areas for the first 30 days. 

Mr. Biden Talked With the Locos 

While in Kentucky, he interacted with the people around the devastated area of Kentucky and remarked that we should also accept that people have suffered mental and emotional damage due to the powerful strings of the tornado as he ended up his day in the state and he emphasized this comes with a price which is sometimes hidden and unknowable to the people around.

According to the National Weather Service, Mr. Biden began his journey with an aerial tour of Mayfield to know the effects of the tornado which was damaged by a long track tornado that developed in northeast Arkansas and hit the western Kentucky village on a Friday night.

Biden tours Kentucky tornado damage
Biden tours Kentucky tornado damage

After a briefing from local authorities and the people on the storm’s damage, the president went on a short tour of a Mayfield area to inspect the overall damage Kentucky faced. Mr. Biden emphasized and appreciated his administration’s preparedness to help Kentucky not only in the need of the attack of the storm, but will also help in the coming weeks and months at a meeting with local leaders in Mayfield.

Former President Shown Nice Gesture

While in conversation with the local authorities of the area, Biden stated that there are not any red or blue tornadoes around and when this stuff starts to happen then there are no red states or blue states and emphasized that he believes it either brings people together or tears them apart, at least in his experience. He said we are all traveling in the same direction at the same pace. 

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Mr. Biden then went on to inspect storm damage in Dawson Springs, another hard-hit area before speaking on his administration’s response to the extreme weather of the surrounding area. Governor Andy Beshear of Kentucky said he had three personal calls from President Barack Obama on the same day of the accident and he cannot thank him enough for his help.

The president spoke of the disaster’s severity, as well as the overwhelming support from neighbors who helped neighbors during the harsh calamity.

Administration Promised To Finish Future Calamities

In Dawson Springs, during the talk with local people, Mr. Biden urged them to keep the faith and all the families are here. We promise you that we are going to finish this at the earliest so that we do not witness this instance anymore in the future. He said the governor is not going to back down, your county judge is going to back down, your Congress is not backing down and no one is backing down. 

We expect to be in this for the foreseeable future. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell also joined Mr. Biden on his journey to Kentucky. Tornadoes and extreme weather that stormed across at least six states late Friday caused a huge amount of damage in their way and at least 74 people were killed in Kentucky, according to Beshear.

The governor announced that this death number is not exact yet until we recover all the missing persons and we expect that we might get more numbers in the toll of death as the dozens of people are still missing in the damaged area and nearby.

At least 13 more people were killed in other storm-affected states, including six at an Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois. Mr. Biden approved a disaster declaration for Kentucky on Sunday which allows the state to receive federal cash and services for the aid of the helpless people around the devastated area. For more recent updates and news like this, you can stay tuned with us.

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