Big Little Lies Season 3 Will Release With Some New Ideas: Nicole Kidman

Big Little Lies Season 3 is presently being produced by writer Liane Moriarty. Throughout a discussion on iHeart Radio’s “Jam Nation” star to support her current series on HBO, which is a short movie ‘The Undoing’ the Awarded winning star replied Liane Moriarty is “operating on a novel” that will allow indeed work as the strategy for the Season 3.

The writer did a similar idea for the second season. The story’s plot the first run of episodes capped all the story from the novel of the identical title.

The story is planned as Kidman joined. Our circle of ladies all desire to do it. division of thoughts that require to be fixed.” Kidman announced beginning this month in a conversation with Marie Claire that the actors and team of “Big Little Lies” watched ahead to serve collectively over the new season of Big Little Lies Season 3.

The starlet replied, I speak or chat once a week. She’s just walked behind Nashville and was friendly. We need to serve collectively over. I chated with Laura and Zoe, and they were inside. David E. Kelly, including Liane, hold an excellent idea for it. Watch this latest season with new ideas and thrill excited for this”

Big Little Lies Season 3 Release Date

Unfortunately, it has noticed that HBO schedule, there are some problems to fulfill Season 3. The show has no opening date reason the actresses forming in the shows are completely busy with their schedules on other series to finish.

Actor Nicole is serving collectively with new pending series, The Trial. Till the fans have to pause for their popular web series, till the time, you can see the season 2 trailer and show to understand the story.

Big Little Lies Season 3 Cast

The cast of Big Little Lies Season 3 is as follows:

  • Reese Witherspoon will play the role of Madeline Martha Mackenzie.
  • Shailene Woodley will perform as Jane Chapman
  • Kathryn Newton will act as Abigail Carlson
  • Adam Scott will play the role of Ed Mackenzie
  • Nicole Kidman will play the role of Celeste Wright
  • Zoë Kravitz will play the role of Bonnie Carlson
  • Alexander Skarsgård will perform as Perry Wright
  • Laura Dern will play the role of Renata Klein
  • Jeffrey Nordling will act as Gordon Klein
  • James Tupper will act as Nathan Carlson
  • Iain Armitage will perform as Ziggy Chapman
  • Meryl Streep will act as Mary Louise Wright

Big Little Lies Season 3 Trailer

Unluckily, there is no trailer announced till now. The reason is the hectic schedule of actors In their future shows, but there will be many unique things and discoveries that can be seen in Big Little Lies season 3 

Big Little Lies Season 3 plot


The Last season appears with an assured display off in Meryl Mary Louise, plus Nicole Kidman’s in the last episode of Big Little Lies season 2 held just as serious as promised, with Celeste missing her mother-in-law off a supporter by taking up the car accident that killed Perry’s sibling when both were youngsters.

Season 3 begins with fresh and brilliant plans. The fans will get a lot of things. It can believe that all the ladies will be together as one for all and all for one feeling with new fun and encouragement in their stories and produce a most excellent new show with a complex story and plan than season 2.

Season 3 arrives with Reese Witherspoon, Zoë Kravitz, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, plus Laura Dern will grow back as five muscular women in California. There is a lot of adventure going to come for the followers.

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Final Words

It is all about the new season of Big Little Lies that you need to know. We will positively inform you when we collect more story about the announcement of the Big Little Lies series. According to you, what do you think Big Little Lies Season 3 is going to be entertaining? Please advise us in the comments below! Thank you for your time! Stay tuned with us for such trendy information!

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