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Billie Eilish Sings Special Version of ‘happier Than Ever’ With the Count on Sesame Street

Isn’t it amazing to see Eilish for the children’s show? Eilish’s collaboration with Sesame Street is not the first instance of the “Bad Guy” singer, as she has worked with a children’s show before.

Recently, it was announced that for the 52nd season of Sesame Street, Billie Eilish will perform a new duet version of the song “Happier Than Ever” with The Count from Sesame Street On Thursday, the 19-year-old Grammy winner will appear on the season premiere of Sesame Street. So, Are you excited? I am sure you are! 

She will also sing a unique duet version of the hit song from her second studio album…Well, it is very difficult to keep track of Billie Eilish’s triumphs over the last few years, but she has brilliantly acquired a new friend who might be able to help her.

During her visit to Sesame Street, Eilish joined The Count to perform a Muppet adaptation of her big hit “Happier Than Ever.” On her counting trip, Elmo, Ernie, and Big Bird join her.

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Even though Eilish’s show is not set to premiere until June 16, 2022, her Sesame Street buddies predicted the public’s enthusiasm high and published a short promoting her presence ahead of time. Is there any teaser out? Let’s find out.

Eilish’s Music Video Teaser

Yes… the snippet is already out. In a short preview of the performance that Eilish uploaded on social media, the singer could be seen sitting enjoying the song, delivering modified lyrics from her composition. Although Billie’s version of “Happier Than Ever” won’t be released until June 16, 2022, families can enjoy a video of Eilish singing along with the Count.

In a song teaser, Eilish could be seen on Sesame Street’s famed doorstep with The Count, singing a modified version of her song: “When I’m counting with you, I’m happier than ever.” Sesame Street, which debuted 52 years ago this week on Nov. 10, 1969, is the longest-running children’s show of all time.

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Eilish is accompanied by the Count in the music video as she sings, “When I’m counting with you, I’m happier than ever.” “Stories look all that much better,” the Count sings back. Two of Burt’s shirts, two taps of tap shoes, and two apples are among the items they begin counting together.

Elmo enters in the singing, singing “This one’s for you” as he delivers an apple to a young girl. Eilish and the Count perform the synth chords together as they count to two at the end of the song. The Count exclaims, “The number two!” as the movie cuts to his crazed laughing and thunder rumbling overhead. Big Bird, Burt, and the Two-Headed Monster are among the other “Sesame Street” characters featured in the video.

Premiere Date

The release dates are somewhat certain. The Eilish/Count duet raises anticipation for the forthcoming 52nd season of “Sesame Street,” which already premiered on Cartoonito on HBO Max on November 11th. Eilish is slated to appear in an episode on June 16, 2022, though it is a long time we have to wait.

Season 52 of “Sesame Street” will premiere each Thursday on HBO Max once a week and on PBS Kids. Furthermore to Eilish, this season’s guests are Jon Batiste, who will appear on Nov. 18; Kacey Musgraves, who will appear on Dec. 2; Naomi Osaka, who will debut on Jan. 6, 2022; Anderson.

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Paak, who will appear on Jan. 13, 2022; Dr. Mae Jemison, who will appear on March 24, 2022; and Keke Palmer, who will appear on April 21, 2022, and so on. We will continue to follow up on more entertainment news as it becomes available, so stay tuned.

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