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Many “Billions” fans were concerned that the show would lose its edge when Damian Lewis (who played shady hedge fund manager Bobby “Axe” Axelrod) left at the end of Season 5, as the initial seasons were defined by the continuous rivalry between Lewis’ Axe and Paul Giamatti’s Chuck Rhoades.

There was a gap in Billions, but it was filled perfectly by Corey Stoll’s Michael Prince in Season 6, who provided an opportunity to explore a new type of billionaire.

Co-creator David Levien remarked in an interview with the LA Times that he and his team were “very much captivated by silent hedge fund guys trading stocks, trying to stay in the shadows and not become famous.” 

“Over the years, we’ve seen people try and move discourse and use that as an additional source of power by using their prominence and wealth in the public space.”

Season 6 of Billions got renewed for a seventh season in February by Showtime due to the addition of Stoll. Below we have mentioned everything we know so far about Billions season 7.

The Cast and Plot of Billions Season 7

There have been no official announcements from Showtime as to which “Billions” cast members will be returning for Season 7, but it is expected that many of the show’s longtime cast members will be returning, including Maggie Siff, David Costabile (Mike Wagner), Condola Rashd (Kate Sacker), Asia Kate Dillon (Taylor Amber Mason) and Jeffrey DeMunn (Charles Rhoades Sr.).

Season 6 newcomers Daniel Breaker (Scooter Dunbar) and Sakina Jaffrey (Daevisha “Dave” Mahar) are both expected to return for the upcoming season.

Billions Season 7
Billions Season 7

Despite the fact that little has been said about what might happen in Billions Season 7, co-creator Brian Koppelman has stated that he is optimistic about the show’s future. Koppelman told the Los Angeles Times, “We’re still really engaged.” “We love the way the season ends, and we feel it gives us plenty of runways moving forward.”

Release Date for Billions Season 7

Season 7 of Billions has yet to be announced, but it’s safe to assume that the show won’t return until the beginning of 2023 at the earliest.

However, due to the pandemic, Billions Season 5‘s release date was shifted (the first half premiered in May 2020, while the second half didn’t air until September 2021), but Season 6’s January 2022 premiere suggests that the series has resumed its previous schedule of releasing a new season each year.

As new information becomes available, we’ll make sure to update this post.

Trailer of Billions Season 7

There is no official trailer for The Billions season 7 as of now, however, if you haven’t seen the trailer for season 6 you can check it out below.

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