Bilt Credit Card Review: A First For Renters And Future Homebuyers

Renters and cost-conscious vacationers will appreciate the Bilt credit card for its unique features and flexibility. The card’s ability to earn bonus points on rent payments without charging any additional fees is a notable perk. If you use a different credit card to cover your rent payments, you’ll likely incur penalties that cancel out any rewards you might receive.

There are a variety of ways to redeem your benefits, such as vacation, fitness, or even a discount on your next month’s rent, and the card offers bonus rewards for dining out and transportation. If you have trouble saving money for a house’s down payment, you can use your Bilt rewards to help you out.

The Bilt card offers extra perks that set it apart from other reward cards. With enough points, you can advance to the elite tier and enjoy additional benefits, such as earning interest on your unused points. You can take a luxurious vacation or take a trip that doesn’t cost as much thanks to the flexibility that comes from being able to transfer your points to many airline and hotel providers. This is a unique perk that not all travel credit cards offer.

Paying the rent with a credit card that doesn’t charge you a fee and lets you earn interest on your rewards is a unique perk that no other credit card offers. However, not everyone will qualify for a Bilt Mastercard, as the card is designed for renters.

It’s possible that other cards would be more beneficial, allowing you to accumulate prizes more rapidly. If you have fair, poor, or no credit but would benefit most from collecting points and developing credit as you pay rent, you will be disappointed to learn that the Bilt card requires strong or excellent credit.

bilt credit card
bilt credit card

A Deeper Look Into The Current Card Offer

Quick Highlights

  • Rewards rate: 3X points on dining, 2X points on travel, 1X points on rent payments (up to a maximum of 50,000 points per year), and 1X points on other eligible purchases
  • Welcome offer: N/A
  • Annual fee: $0
  • Purchase intro APR: N/A
  • Balance transfer intro APR: N/A
  • Regular APR: 18.49 percent, 21.49 percent, or 26.49 percent

Current Welcome Offer

Not like many other rewards cards out there, the Bilt card does not come with a welcome incentive. Sign-up bonuses are a terrific incentive that can help you quickly earn outsized rewards, and while they shouldn’t be the only thing you look for in a rewards card, they can certainly assist. They have become commonplace among cards, especially those aimed at those with excellent credit who, although having no annual fee, may often discover offers worth $200 or more.

Rewards Rate

The Bilt Mastercard provides free transactions and processing fees, additional rewards for meals and travel, and 1X points on all other qualified purchases. The opportunity to receive rewards for paying rent while avoiding costs that cost more than the rewards you get is rare enough that it’s worth celebrating at a fixed rate of 1X points on anything. The Bilt rewards card is one of the few cards that makes it simple to accrue rewards on one of the greatest expenses that affects many people, which is especially useful at a time when inflation is driving up prices for necessities like rent.

If you have a Bilt card, you can use the accompanying app to learn about the many payment options available to you when you need to make a rent payment. Sending a check in the mail is one option, but you may also pay via services like Venmo or PayPal. When Bilt pays your rent, you can take advantage of the BiltProtect feature, which automatically deducts funds from your associated bank account. This is a practical means of avoiding the renter’s interest rates while also receiving benefits.

One must take into account the following limitations: There is a monthly limit of one rental property payment. To maximize your point earnings, you must use your Bilt Mastercard at least five times per billing cycle. A fixed rate of 250 points will be awarded for rent payments if you fail to meet the minimum transaction requirements each month.

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