Black Bullet season 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, and Everything you need to know

Hello, my fellow Black bullet lovers; how are you doing? Times have become worse for us since our expectations of season 2 are not coming to life! If you’re a hard-core anime fan, you will always have feelings for the Black bullet. The black bullet is not like others, and it’s an incredibly relevant show. It was able to secure a fascinatingly superb rating from IMDB, Flashing seven stars. The first part of the show was released way back in April 2014, and the wait to get its sequel has not moved a bit, least to say it has only increased. We have jotted all the available info down below; read on to get updated! 

Black bullet season 2: Release date

Since KINEMA CITRUS studio made a public declaration, there are great prospects for Black Bullet season 2. We can attach a probable reason for COVID 19 stopping to let its next season air officially. Season 2 was supposed to be available to the public by July 2020. However, that didn’t happen. In addition, the first season was extremely profitable. The show was well-liked by a larger audience. This golden buck is enough for the makers to motivate themselves to work on a new season. However, it is also questionable due to the lack of an announcement post and a significant six-year gap. As a result, nothing can be asserted with certainty.

Black Bullet season 2: Plot 

The anime is set in a world when civilization is attacked by a terrifying Gastrea virus, a pernicious virus. The story’s central subject is to save Tokyo from a devastating illness. Rentaro Satomi and his childhood friend Kisara Tendo with trainer Enju Aihara set up a mission to save humanity from this deadly virus. And those who are unaffected live behind a massive varanium wall. Later, it was discovered that newborn newborns infected with the Gastrea Virus possessed superhuman skills. These newborn babies were being called cursed children. 

Season 2 is planned to continue the tale, with Rentaro playing as a central hero. Fans have speculated that Covid-19 will play a more prominent role in the tale. It could be a new virus, and Rentaro and his friends would be seen as protecting everyone as they did in season 1. Maybe more spicy if these superhumans or cursed children blend into human society. But to safeguard them or to wash them out? Well, that’s the point of consideration and suspense. 

Black Bullet season 2
Black Bullet season 2

Some fans are hoping to witness Rantaro battling and plotting his release from prison. Over there, he’s being held for a fake-degree murder. Even still, his foes will continue to obstruct him. OMG, with all these speculations, it’s getting hard for me to wait further! 

Black Bullet season 2:  Cast

Rentaro is the show’s main protagonist, so it is confident he is up for a comeback! He is likely to continue in the future season; he is a civil servant who wants to safeguard Tokyo from a deadly virus. He also aids the cursed children. He is brave, bold, compassionate, and intelligent, just like an ideal hero. His talent has piqued the interest of admirers, who are eagerly anticipating Season 2.

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Aihara Enju: Enju Aihara was a doomed child who, with the assistance of Rentaro, rose through the ranks of civil service initiators. Later, Enju appears to be enthralled by him. As a result, seeing them in season 2 would be intriguing and exciting! 

Kisara Tendo is one of the trusted friends of Rentaro. Also been a president of Tendo Civil security. He is an extraordinary unbeatable martial art artist! 

Tina: Tina is a member of civil security who is similarly fascinated to Rentaro and is constantly attempting to entice him to heed her. Tina and Enju’s chilly conflicts will add butter to the drama of the black bullet in season 2.

In the remainder of the season, fans may look to witness several classic features and their roles.


The official release date is not announced yet. However, the production studio has confirmed the inevitable return. We can expect a comeback somewhere shortly. Also, since the story has more potential to be discovered, we can expect many more seasons after the second one. 

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