BlackAF’ Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, trailer

April 17th, 2020, was the date when BlackAF season 1 was launched on Netflix. It is an American sitcom, and Kenya Barris is its creator. Even if the show portrays a comical world, it also places forward the chaotic and unfiltered world of a black family attempting to become a part of the contemporary world.

There have been many speculations regarding the show renewal. Thus, we have everything you need to know about BlackAF season 2.

The release date

Following the official declaration by Netflix, and once the Covid-19 pandemic ends, we can expect Black AF’s season 2. It would not be released before 2021. So, you can stream Netflix for the first season and must wait for Black AF’ss season 2.

The trailer

Like we have mentioned earlier, there is no confirmation of the renewal, so you cannot expect a trailer at the moment. If you haven’t watched the first season, go and watch Black AF season 1 on Netflix.

The Plot

The last episode of season 1 concluded with how Kenya understands that he is losing the parenting qualities when he sees Chloe’s boyfriend, Marquise, teaching swimming tactics to Pops and save somebody from drowning.

Meanwhile, Drea is sorting the sensation experienced after receiving the first kiss from both female and male. Joya learns to cope with play and work in life. Kenya rents an island makes an apology to her wife, and at last, the family quarrel is over. It precisely states that the show is all about parental and family life. Black AF’ season 2 would highlight more troubles, challenges, pleasure, and delight one endures in family life.

In the first season, Kenya Barris has tried to deal with the developing fight with him, his wife, and his family, unsurprisingly. They ended up needing a vacation to sort things out and planned a family tour to Fiji.


Kenya got a bit puzzled when he saw that Joya took Fiji due to her record signing program. Therefore, when watching an episode he composed for “Black-ish,” Kenya realized that he must try to do everything good for their wedding.

He goes to Joya’s record signing, confessed, and told her that he is proud of her for finding out a career path for herself. The first season ended on a happy note, with the Barris family solving their domestic issue. The next season will possibly add a fresh puzzle for the Barris family.

The cast

If the show makes a comeback by any chance, most of its cast would remain the same. These are a few characters who can be seen in Black AF’ season 2 once again:

  1. Kenya Barris: Kenya Barris
  2. Iman Benson: Drea Barris
  3. Rashida Jones: Joya Barris
  4. Genneyaa Walton: Chloe Barris
  5. Scarlet Spencer: Izzy Barris
  6. Justin Claiborne: Pops Barris
  7. Richard Gardenhire Jr.: Brooklyn Barris
  8. Ravi Cabot-Conyers: Kam Barris

The funniest character

There was a character in the show named Danny who became more entertaining with every episode of BlackAF’ season 1. It looks like the writers did not fairly have a direction with him at the beginning of the first season, but with the last episode of season 1, they had established their direction and voice for Danny. The hilarity with Marquise somewhat comes from Kenya’s hatred for him, and the other portion comes from him being an actually jolly and a little unaware character.

Aunt Nadine and Grandma just appeared in one episode, but they were funny and entertaining. Broadway is most likely the best supporting character with his ‘” I’ll do and say what I want” approach. He is hilarious, offensive, and cringe-worthy. 

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