Blade Of The Guardians Anime Release Date Status: Is It Renewed or Canceled?

Blade Of The Guardians Anime is something that has hooked everyone to social media. Fans of Blade Of The Guardians Anime are eagerly anticipating its release. Below we have mentioned everything we know so far about Blade Of The Guardians Anime.

Blades of the Guardians is a Chinese anime created by Tencent in 2021. It’s based on Xu Xian Zhe’s 2015 manga of the same name, which he wrote and illustrated. Manga DX serialized the manga under the titles Dart People and Hyojin, or Hyoujin when it was first published on Shonengahosha. For international readers, White Cloud Pavilion and whyfalalala translated it from the original Chinese for Tencent Comics and Kuaikan Manhua.

The new anime series Blades of the Guardians will be out soon for viewers to enjoy. Xianzhe Xu’s original manhua will be the inspiration for the next animated series, which premiered in 2019. The manhua was published in 2015 by Manga DX and can be found on their website.

Have a peek at-

According to the publisher, there are currently eight published volumes with more than 100 chapters, and an anime adaptation premiered in 2020. Colored Pencil Animation Group’s animated series will be distributed by Tencent Penguin Pictures, which is distributed by Tencent. In addition to learning about the upcoming anime release date and renewal status for Blade Of The Guardians, you’ll also find all sorts of additional information in this article.

Blade Of The Guardians Anime Renewal Status

The anime series Blade Of The Guardians has not been renewed as of yet, according to the most recent reports and information.  However, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the anime adaptation will be announced shortly.

Blade Of The Guardians Anime
Blade Of The Guardians Anime

Blade Of The Guardians Anime Release Date

Tencent Video Animation’s 2022 plan includes this donghua, despite it being unveiled in 2020. Blade of the Guardians anime premiere may be postponed to 2023, even though it was originally scheduled to air this year.

Cast Members

The following is a list of the main cast members for the anime adaptation:-

  • Zhi Shi Lang
  • Dao Ma
  • Shu
  • Ayuya

Blade Of The Guardians Anime Plot

The following is the official Synopsis of the anime adaptation:-

“Escorts are soldiers hired by the government to assassinate government targets. Dao Ma is a roaming fighter who is attempting to settle a debt to a man named Mo for taking care of him and his child, Xiao Qi. They encounter a victim of the “rakshasa”—man-eating demons—on their way back to Mo’s town. Between the increase of rakshasa victims, violence, slavery, and brutal warriors, Dao Ma finds entangled in the terror that sweeps the kingdom during the Sui dynasty’s final years.”

It is set between 618 and 907 AD during the transition between the Sui and Tang dynasties. A highly skilled and honorable mercenary, Doom, travels around Ancient China and makes a living with his sword, which is the focus of the plot. One day, Doom accepts a hired escort job in Chang’an, the capital city of China. Despite his best efforts, this mission proves to be more difficult than he expected. Politics and dictatorship aren’t the only aspects in this series’ narrative, but also include demons that eat men.

Streaming Platforms

Tencent has included the series in its Chinese anime roster, and we can always check its official page on Tencent Video for the latest information and updates. For those users who are outside of China, it will also be available via Tencent’s WeTV streaming app.

So, the episodes are probably certainly going to be available on Tencent Video. Additionally, Tencent’s WeTV, a worldwide streaming service, will offer access to all upcoming episodes. If you live outside of China, you cannot access WeTV. In addition to Tencent, the episodes can also be accessed through Crunchyroll.

Blade Of The Guardians Anime Trailer

Tencent has released the first trailer for the upcoming anime version of Blades of the Guardians. As Dao Ma murders others in order to reach the man who has awakened all of these man-eating demons, the one-minute and fifty-second clip is loaded with bloodshed. If you haven’t watched the trailer as of now, you can check it out below.

That’s all we have got about the anime adaptation. I hope you found the information presented above to be of use. You can also look through our entertainment section, where we normally cover all of the most recent TV episodes, web series, anime, and other media. Visit our website if you’d like to learn more about this topic.

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