Bleach Season 17 Confirmed Release, Cast, and all the Latest Updates

Bleach is a Japanese fantasy action thriller anime Television series based on the manga series of the same name written by Tite Kubo. The show was directed by Noriyuki Abe and produced by Ken Hagino. The series premiered on TV Tokyo from October 2004 to March 2012 and had a total of 366 episodes in a total of sixteen seasons. The show was licensed by Viz Media, Madman Entertainment, Media Link and Manga Entertainment. The series received immense love from its audience and was also telecasted in the United States from September 2006 to January 2015 on Adult Swim. The show was released internationally in multiple languages like Tagalog, German, Brazilian Portuguese, French and Spanish. The series moves around the main lead character Ichigo Kurosaki adventures after he acquires the supernatural powers from a Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki. His new powers pressurize him to take the responsibilities of protecting the innocent human being from the evil demons and guiding the departed souls for the afterlife. The series also includes fresh and original storylines which did not appear in the manga.

Later, it was declared that the series would also get an anime adaptation from the final story of the manga series in March 2020.

Excited to know about the release date, casts, plot, and further updates? Don’t miss reading the full article to know everything related to Bleach Season 17.

Bleach Season 17: What is the Release Date? Check Out

Well as per reports, Bleach Season 17 is confirmed and this will probably be the last and final season of the series which will be the adaptation of the Thousand-Year Blood War Arc from the manga series. It may be expected that the series will be released by late 2021 or early 2022 due to the coronavirus pandemic else it may have released earlier. It is also heard that Netflix will also stream the series as soon as the final season is out.


Bleach Season 17: Who is returning in the Cast? 

According to reports, there may not be any change when it comes to the central characters of the show. Let us take a look into the possible casts of season 17 of the series.

  • Wally Wingert (English)
  • Michelle Rough (English) 
  • Rukia Kuchiki by Fumiko Orikasa (Japanese)
  • Derek Stephen Prince (English) 
  • Johnny Young Bosch (English)
  • Uryu Ishida by Noriaki Sugiyama (Japanese)
  • Noel Nillhashi by Yuina Yamada (Japanese)
  • Ichigo Kurosaki voiced by Masakazu Morita (Japanese)
  • Renji Abarai voiced by Kentaro Ito (Japanese)
  • Spangle Niniii by Asami Tano (Japanese)
  • Orihime Inoue by Yuki Matsuka (Japanese)
  • Stephanie Sheh (English)

Bleach Season 17: Plot| What will the Next Chapter?

Before getting into the synopsis of Bleach Season 17, Let us take a quick recap for the last season.

In the finale episode of the Bleach Season 16, titled “Changing History, Unchanging Heart” which originally aired on 27th March 2012, the war between Ginjo and Ichigo comes to almost end when the former gets a fatal wound, just when Ginjo was losing his breathe the dying Tsukishima attempts to murder Ichigo and then only Riruka stopped him as she arises from the body of Rukia.  Thereafter, Tsukishima was carried away by Shishigawa when other survivors from the Xcution took the decision to separate. Later when Ichigo came back into the Soul Reaper’s Society, he requests Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto to permit the body cremation of Ginjo in the human world as this being the only last thing that can be done for him and just when Ichigo agreed to keep on with being a Substitute Soul Reaper, Yamamoto agreed for the cremation. Rukia and Ichigo recalled the time they spent together when the former came to see off the latter and silently expressed gratitude to him. Finally, Ichigo came back to his Karakura Town and he was welcomed by his family and friends.

There is no official declaration regarding the plot of Bleach Season 17 so it seems like we need to wait a bit longer for the same.

Bleach Season 17: Trailer

In respect of the release of the trailer, no official announcement has been made even regarding the making of the movie so it will take more time. We may expect a trailer hopefully by the end of 2021 or early 2022.


We have brought all the information regarding Bleach Season 17 and for any further updates, we look forward to the official announcement by the team of Bleach. We will be updating everything regarding the series, stay tuned.

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