Is Blood of Zeus Season 2 Release Date Status Confimed by Netflix?

Superheroes and Greek mythology have a lot in common, and it’s impossible not to draw a connection between the two. Ultimately, both have heroic characters engaged in deadly fights with the forces bent on wreaking havoc on the human race.

As Netflix’s Blood of Zeus has shown, there are still new, interesting stories to tell about Zeus, Hera, demigods, and giants.

Even the most well-versed classicist will be taken aback by how different these characters are from those in Disney’s Hercules, and there are plenty of pleasant surprises along the way.

The first season of Blood of Zeus, which premiered on Netflix in October of 2020, presently has a 100% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. As a result, Netflix was fast to order a second season of the show.

Below we have mentioned everything we know so far about Blood Of Zeus Season 2.


Release Date for Blood of Zeus Season 2

The announcement of Blood of Zeus, which was formerly titled Gods & Heroes, was made in March of 2019. Season 1 came out about a year and a half later, so it would make sense to expect more episodes in the first half of 2022 based on that timeline.

There’s a chance we’ll see season 2 even sooner, given how long it takes to start a new show and how little time it takes to produce a second season.

The magnitude of the pandemic’s impact is always open to debate, though. Season 1 may have been hampered by the outbreak, and the future season may face delays similar to that.

In addition, Powerhouse Animation, the production firm, will be quite busy in the near future.

Blood of Zeus Season 2
Blood of Zeus Season 2

One of Netflix’s most popular shows is Castlevania, which has been renewed for its fourth and final season. The wait will be worth it as long as the quality of both series is maintained.

The Cast of Blood of Zeus Season 2

Fans can expect all of their favorite characters from the previous season to return, including Derek Phillips as Heron, Jessica Henwick as Alexia, Elias Toufexis as Seraphim, Adam Croasdell as Apollo, and Matthew Mercer as Hermes.

There hasn’t been any word on which voice actors (if any) will be joining the show in the future. Zeus (Jason O’Mara) gave up his life to save his wife, Hera, in the season one finale (Claudia Christian).

Even though Hera was gravely hurt in the last encounter with her, she managed to flee and is most likely planning her next move. Resurrection is not impossible for these immortal gods in a world where magic is common.

Last season’s guest star, Hades (Fred Tatasciore), will most probably return this season.

The Plot of Blood of Zeus Season 2

For Charley and Vlas Parlapanides, who created season one of the show, season two will be a continuation of what they’ve already accomplished. It’s been mentioned in an interview with Inverse that they’re currently working on new episodes.

They said, “Fundamentally, season 1 is about Heron and Seraphim, and their stories continue in season 2. But we have a 20-page outline for season 2, and it’s very much a story of Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon … things that happened in season 1 that are really set-ups for season 2. We go back to the story of when the brothers divided the three realms of the world.”

For Jason O’Mara fans who want to see him return as the god of the sky and thunder, this is fantastic news, and it only gets better from here.

There are plans for a possible five-season arc for the show, which the Parlapanides brothers note in the interview if it continues to be picked up by Netflix. With so much Greek mythology to draw from, the possibilities for Blood of Zeus are endless.

What Are Some Speculations Concerning the Second Season of Blood of Zeus?

After being reduced to glorified cameos in the first season, we know Hades and Poseidon will play considerably larger parts in the second season. With so much history to draw from and the authors taking a lot of creative liberties with myths, we still know what to expect when season 2 premieres.

To begin with, Zeus and Hera are no longer a part of Mount Olympus. As a result, there will be a power vacuum, and someone will seek to fill it. He may be trying to escape his obligations as lord of the underworld by using Seraphim, allowing him to enjoy some sunshine for a moment.

It’s easy to see Heron as a strong candidate to replace Zeus as the new leader of the Olympians, but other characters would object to a demigod instead of a true deity taking the helm.

Season 2 of Blood of Zeus will be available on Netflix soon, so keep an eye out for it.

Trailer for Blood of Zeus Season 2

There is no trailer available for season 2 as of yet, However, you can enjoy the trailer for season 1 below.

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