Bloodborne Is Being Remade as a PS1 Game

Bloodborne Is Being Remade as a PS1 Game

It’s time to joy, as one of the best action role-playing game “Bloodborne” is being remade as a PS1 game. According to an anonymous source, it is under process to become a very different kind of action-adventure game. The source also indicates that the developers are turning Software’s gothic Souls-esque game into something for the original PlayStation.

According to a demo shared by the developer Lilith Walther, it took years to make the video game look like a 3D horror game from circa 1997. She has also shared a demo video of the game on her Twitter account. After looking at the demo, we can judge that several bloodborne features and demonstrating are demanding changes. These changes will appear like a game that matches the quality of titles that will launch in 2021.

In the list, she isn’t the one who has deconstructed the game in this way. The Yarntown from developer Max Mraz also reconstructed it into a top-down Zelda-esque. But after a quick comparison, anyone can say that Walther’s work is more fascinating. Because in her demo video we can see distinctive PlayStation fog is commonplace which makes it threatening, Visceral attacks are also setting an amount of damage. Apart from all these, you will be getting an R1 symbol when one’s available.

Currently, Walther is working with Heartstrings Studios on a JRPG project known as “Witch”. Witch is due to launch in 2022. Till then we all should hold our horses for that Bloodborne PC port as these fan projects are making the expectations much easier.

We have limited information related to the game, but in the future, we will be covering more about this. Therefore, stay tuned with us. You can follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook. Else you can also subscribe for our newsletter to get all the news directly in your mailbox, don’t worry we don’t like spam.

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