Bloodlands Season 2 On Acorn Tv Where Brannick Sketchy Past Catches Up With Him Again

First airing on BBC One on February 21, 2021, Bloodlands is a police procedural set in Northern Ireland. Chris Brandon conceived the idea, and HTM Television, a collaboration between Jed Mercurio and Hat Trick Productions, took it from concept to screen.

Filming for Season 2 of the show will begin in February of 2022, after being renewed for a second season on March 14, 2021. The rural area around Strangford Lough in eastern Northern Ireland was the primary location for filming Bloodlands.

Bloodlands Season 2 On Acorn Tv Where Brannick’s Sketchy Past Catches Up With Him Again

Bloodlands Season 2
Bloodlands Season 2

Date: “February 21st, 1998” At night, a man’s silhouette is seen making his way toward the sea. The man dons a ski mask and watches as two other guys begin to bury two huge suitcases. He kills them both with a gunshot, opens the cases, and exclaims: His expectations for the case included many gold bars and a number of high-powered sniper guns. At this point, the man removes his mask, revealing DCI Tom Brannick in his youth (James Nesbitt).

Today, Brannick and his partner DS Niamh McGovern (Charlene McKenna) are called to the site of a murder; the victim, a local accountant, was apparently shot from a distance. He instantly recognises the man, but says nothing to him.

The individual had apparently been assisting Brannick in hiding the gold for the past quarter of a century. While at home, he discovers the man’s texts revealing the location of the hidden gold, but the gold itself is nowhere to be seen.

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Bloodlands Season 2 First Look Sees James Nesbitt Back In Action

The BBC has revealed photos from the upcoming second season of the James Nesbitt murder drama Bloodlands. Season one focuses on Detective Tom Brannick of the Belfast Police Department as he tries to solve the mystery of the serial killer known only as Goliath.

After the cliffhanger of Bloodlands, there were a lot of things left unanswered; hopefully, these will be addressed in the sequel, along with a fresh plot involving a mysterious widow.

The second season of Bloodlands begins with the murder of a corrupt accountant who led a secret double life as a famed assassin, a fact that Detective Brannick and the man’s widow are determined to keep from the public.

Therefore, Brannick forms an uncomfortable alliance with the bereaved Olivia Foyle, who is played by Victoria Smurfit of Marcella and Once Upon a Time.

Bloodlands Season 2 Cast: Who Stars In BBC Drama Series With James Nesbitt

James Nesbitt stars as Tom Brannick, a Northern Irish police investigator who investigates intriguing homicide cases, in the drama series Bloodlands, which airs on BBC One in the United Kingdom.

In the first season, it was established that Brannick was a renowned assassin; nevertheless, he has been successful, to this point, in concealing his identity from the majority of his fellow agents.

In the second season, Brannick’s greed will put him in danger of being discovered, and he will have to do all it takes to conceal his criminal activities.

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