Blue Bloods Season 12 Premiere: Frank vs. Mayor Chase

The wait is over now and the fans are stunned with the first look of the show. As the rumor has spread, this season will be a complete disaster, with a major brawl between Frank and Mayor Chase generating suspense for something other than the opening episode. Nonetheless, the fans enjoyed the nail-biting episode, but what it actually; only bought. Let us explore each corner of this thrilling drama.

In Blue Bloods Season 12, tensions are at an all-time high between Commissioner Frank Reagan and Mayor Peter Chase, which fans have been eagerly anticipating, and it has finally arrived. Frank is currently involved in an investigation with his investigator son Danny.

Danny is working on a case with his partner, Detective Maria Baez, to figure out who killed a five-year-old at a neighborhood gathering. Frank is under a lot of strain and has to address the press while keeping track of Chase’s comments. We have got more for you about Blue Bloods, Keep reading.

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About Blue Blood’s Franchise

This suspenseful drama television series launched on CBS in September 2010 and was followed by ten more seasons with a total of 234 episodes. And there’s good news for fans: the show’s 12th installment is now available. Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess devised this police procedural drama, which was shot in New York City. Fred Keller and David Barrett are the show’s producers.

Blue Bloods Season 12
Blue Bloods Season 12

The plot centers around the Reagan family of New York cops, a family with a storied record in the force. The show revolves around Frank’s second son Joe, who was assassinated by police officers.

The reception of the show throughout the franchise is quite good which is one of the main reasons why it is still running and will continue at the same speed as before, according to the producer. If we talk about ratings, the number reflects the same.

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The reception of the series is quite impressive if we consider all seasons.  It also received a decent score of 7.6 on IMDb. It is safe to assume that the upcoming season will be considerably more exciting. Let’s take a closer look at Blue Bloods Season 12’s prospects.

Blue Blood’s Season12:  Where the storyline is heading to?

Frank and Chase conduct a news conference after one youngster is killed and another is gravely injured, but they can’t agree on the facts. Frank argues that he has exhausted all possibilities and that his hands are now tied behind his back.

After Frank blames Chase for all of his decisions, including the field and the NYPD’s budget, the mayor’s main concern is not to scare tourists away with rumors of crime and more guns. For the city to heal, he needs people to feel safe. Frank is fiercely opposed to the idea.

The shooter was made aware of the confidential tip and bumper sticker, and the mayor announced his arrest at a media briefing.

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NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, and Mayor Peter Chase, played by returning guest star Dylan Walsh, call a press conference in which the former laments that his department’s “hands have been tied” in terms of having the resources needed to combat a recent increase in crime.

In the clip released, Mayor Chase privately chastises Frank for giving reporters such a headline and presumably scaring away tourists with his talk of more crime, more guns just as New York City is getting “back on the right track.”

Blue Blood’s Episode 1 Explained

The surge of violent offenses, Erin’s renewed investigation, and the incident that landed Witten landed in trouble all were nuanced, and Blue Bloods did a fantastic job of emphasizing that there are no simple solutions without ever becoming preachy or acting out of character.

Many officer programs have addressed the topic of tensions between mostly-White cops and Black civilians, but it is frequently depicted as a simple problem in which racist cops react badly to Black people who speak up without fear.

But Witten’s case was more complicated than expected.  There were numerous issues on which viewers might take either a pro or con stance. Witten’s inclination to draw her revolver made it understandable, as Jamie pointed out, and when you’re hit from behind, you do not even know what’s going to happen afterward.

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Bystanders thought it was overkill because the citizen was unarmed and Witten was unharmed, and a clip featuring just one side of the conflict went viral.No one seems to want to think about the spectator tampering with an arrest, which is reckless and wrong, or the fact that he hit a cop.

The commander was more concerned with the appearance of the situation than with the facts, and the spectators had acted despite knowing the circumstances of the arrest. What they saw was a non-white man shouting and squirming, and that was enough for them to believe they were defending a man who was being harassed because of his skin color.

In the first instance, this was a scenario that demanded de-escalation. The dude was out of control and could have been on drugs or was mentally ill.

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