Is Blue Lock Anime Release Date Status Announced For October 2022?

Anime about sports has been a popular genre in recent years. An overly high bar has been set by a number of popular animes like Kuroko’s Basketball, Blue Lock, and even classics like Slam Dunk.

Soccer is at the center of Blue Lock, and while there are other sports anime with a similar focus, what makes this one stand out is its intriguing plot.

In addition to the novel’s distinctive plot structure, it also features a psychological component that is carried by the protagonist.

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Little much about the anime can be said yet but anime lovers, especially sport anime aficionados are eager to get a flavor of this anime and to see whether it’s a diamond in the crown of sports anime or just another disappointing forgettable cliché animation.

The manga has been widely acclaimed and has received the 45th Kodansha Manga Award. Based on the pictures published so far, I’d say that the art style is fantastic and the character designs are solid.

No details have been released about the anime adaptation yet, but fans can expect a faithful recreation of the Muneyuki Kaneshiro-authored manga of the same name. Currently, there are 15 volumes of manga and the anime is produced by Eight Bit. Here are all the details about Blue Lock Anime Release Date, Characters, Trailer, and so on.

Blue Lock Anime Release Date

There has been a formal announcement as to when the Blue Lock anime will air. The makers and production confirmed that Anime is not very far from the release date.

blue lock anime release date
blue lock anime release date

According to current projections, the anime adaptation is scheduled to hit the screens in October 2022. Keep an eye out for new information.

Blue Lock Anime Crew and Characters

Isagi Yoichi’s Japanese voice is provided by Kazuki Ura, a voice actor from Japan with a passion for football. On October 18, 1995, he was born in Osaka, Japan. Tasuku Kaito, according to the official cast announcement, will be Meguru Bechara’s companion.

Characters Yuki Ono and Hyoma Chigiri will be voiced by Rensuke Kunigami and Soma Saito, respectively. Tetsuaki Watanabe is the anime’s director. Besides, Shunsuke is set to work as an assistant director.

Blue Lock Anime Storyline

The concept is to create a facility where roughly 300 exceptional high school students from all across Japan may gather and compete against one another, with the winner earning a spot on the national soccer team as the team’s primary striker.

As a side note, all other candidates who don’t make the cut will be prohibited from any involvement with the national team.

The project presents a high-level opportunity, one that any soccer fan would be eager to take advantage of, but the stakes are equally high since defeat would mean that the prospect of playing for the national team would be permanently lost.

The conflicts and confusions that are associated with the globally popular sport of football/soccer serve as the catalyst for the story’s central conflict. The story begins at a time when Japanese soccer is in a very delicate and vulnerable situation. When compared to other countries, Japan’s standing in the soccer rankings is quite low.

Football officials in Japan were alarmed by this, and the Japanese Football Association decided to adopt a more aggressive stance. Jinpachi Ego was chosen as a new member of the team.

Jinpachi, a mysterious and aloof character, has his own distinctive style of dealing with situations. When it comes to going to extremes to attain his goals, he shows no reluctance at all.

However, the Japanese Football Association (JFA) was well aware of Jinpachi’s darker side but was so absorbed in their objective of winning the World Cup that they didn’t hesitate to adopt severe steps to move forward and assist Japan’s rise to prominence in football.

After being hired, Ego quickly learns that the primary issue confronting Japanese football at the moment is a lack of enthusiasm. Having talent is important, but a lack of enthusiasm and an insatiable desire to succeed is the key, according to him.

He eventually comes to the conclusion that the lighthouse that would guide Japanese football to success is a striker who will not hold back when it comes to scoring goals. In order to discover someone who shares his enthusiasm, he devises the Blue Lock concept.

Blue Lock Anime Trailer

There is a trailer and teaser for Blue Lock’s anime adaptation available on YouTube. After seeing the trailer, fans are thrilled and delighted. If you haven’t watched the trailer as of now, you can check it out below.

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