Who was Bob Barker Wife? For How Long He Was Married?

Bob Barker was a popular figure who spanned several generations. He spent decades appearing in the homes of millions of people as the host of The Price is Right. How many of us, though, are actually familiar with the loved pop culture icon’s personal life?

We are interested in learning more about the renowned animal rights activist, including who his love partners were and whether he had any children, since Barker passed away at the age of 99. Here is all the information you require regarding Bob Barker’s family.

Bob Barker Wife

In his 99 years, Bob Barker was only married once—to Dorothy Jo Gideon. A lifelong passion began when 15-year-old Barker took his future wife to an Ella Fitzgerald concert back in 1939.

The aspiring game show host was 21 years old when Barker and Gideon tied the knot in 1945. They stayed together until Gideon, at 57, unexpectedly died from lung cancer six months after receiving her diagnosis in 1981.

Barker, who was crushed, vowed never to get married again. I had Dorothy Jo as my lifelong love. Gideon had worked in the entertainment industry like her husband, singing in advertisements and even joining Barker on the game show Tattletales.

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Bob Barker Girlfriend

After the passing of his first and only wife, Dorothy Jo Gideon, Bob Barker never remarried but he did have another long-term relationship. In 1983, two years after Gideon’s passing, Barker met Nancy Burnet. For the following 40 years, the two would stay friends.

Who was Bob Barker Wife? For How Long He Was Married?

Barker wrote of the connection in his 2009 book Priceless Memories, stating, “Our relationship has lasted for twenty-five years, on and off. Nearly on.” At a gathering held at an animal sanctuary in Orange County, Barker and Burnet first met. That was the beginning of both their romance and their joint activism for animal rights.

The below tweet is about Nancy Burnet opening up about their relationship:

Since she started the United Activists for Animal Rights in 1987, Burnet has devoted the majority of her professional life to animal activism.

Burnet issued the following statement in the wake of Barker’s passing at the age of 99: “I am so proud of the trailblazing work Barker and I did together to expose the cruelty to animals in the entertainment industry … including working to improve the plight of abused and exploited animals in the United States and internationally.”

She continued by stating that they were “great friends” and that her lifelong companion “will be missed.”

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