Bofuri Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

Mirai Minato and Shin Onuma have directed and written the television anime series Bofuri. This television anime series first aired in the year 2020.

Fans have been raving about it since the day it first aired on television. Since then, fans have been anticipating the show’s return and its official release date. We will share all of the most recent updates relevant to this in the section below, so keep reading to learn more.

As previously stated, this anime television series is highly popular among fans, and it has been rated on several sites including IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Meta Critics, and others. This anime series received 7.5 out of 10 on IMDb, 7.6 out of 10 on MyAnimeList, and 7.6 out of 10 on Rating Graph, putting it at the top of the scale.

In the section below, we have included a few recent updates on this topic that you should be aware of.

Bofuri Season 2 Release Date

As of now, the show makers of this anime series have announced its revival but not any concrete release date for this television series officially.

However, the lack of information related to this does not mean that we will rule out the possibilities of its release. There are tons of speculations and demand from the side of fans regarding the reveal date but the makers of this show are yet to utter words for it. 

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Well.. the chances for the revival are still high. Considering its rating and viewership, the creators might think of bringing back the series again and if the series gets its official release date then most probably it will hit the screens at the beginning of 2022 or the end of the same month.

However, these are only speculations until and unless makers of this series officially announce anything concrete about this and till then it is another waiting game for all of us and keeps visiting this section because we might update this section once the producers drop off any new update about its release date.

BOFURI Season 2

Bofuri Season 2 Cast

As of now, the show makers of this television anime series have not disclosed any official release date nor have they confirmed any official cast list for the upcoming anime season hence we do not have any cast list to share with you.

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As it is expected that season 2 might be renewed in the coming years and most probably we can expect to see that many members from the previous season might be retained for the upcoming show and more new faces can be seen in the list of casts.

Here, we are sharing a list of a few key members of the show. Read below a short description of the casts and characters.

  • Jas Saxton as Risa
  • Megan Shipman as Kaede
  • Anthony Bowling as Kuromu
  • Sara Ragsdale as May
  • Tia Linn Ballard as Kasumi
  •  Monica Rial as Dorazou
  • Sonny Strait as Administrator
  • Lindsay Siedel as Frederica
  • Luci Christian as Administrator
  • David Wald as Administrator
  •  Kylie Stewart as Administrator
  • Ben Phillips as Administrator
  • Kaedo Hondo as Administrator
  • Caitlin Glass as Iz
  • Mike Farland as Dread 

Bofuri Season 2 Plot

As of now the makers of this show have not revealed anything concrete about the plot for the upcoming series. However, it is being speculated that season 2 will continue where season 1 left off. Here, in this section, we are sharing the details of the plot of season 1.

Maple Tree is one of the remaining players standing in New World Online’s latest community event in the finale of “Bofuri” Season 1. Maple Tree’s limits are challenged in an epic clash with its biggest rivals, team Holy Sword. 

It all ultimately comes down to Maple and Payne in the end. Ignoring the fact that Payne tries to push Maple to the verge of death, the walking fortress still has an ace under her game in the form of her Atrocity form.

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Maple Tree helps dispatch the remaining powerful guild with her latest OP ability, ensuring a victory for another team and securing Maple Tree a respectable third place. Maple invites everyone to a celebration now that the event is over.

However, the day makers of this anime announce any concrete plotline for this then we will share all the updates with you. Till then keep an eye out for this space as we might update this section at any time.

Bofuri Season 2 Trailer

As we all know that Bofuri Season 2 will be released on its official release date, as fans are eagerly waiting for the trailer. However, the Bofuri Season 2 trailer has yet to be officially released, so fans will have to wait for a bit longer.

Still, we assure you that the day makers of this show announce any trailer for this then most probably we will be back to you with the official trailer. For more recent updates and information, you can stay in touch with us.

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