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Brazil Government Says Oil on Nation’s Beaches in Venezuelan

Brazil’s administration has verified that oil mysteriously washing up on the nation’s beaches is Venezuelan, however, that does not necessarily imply Venezuela is accountable, the head of environmental agency Ibama mentioned on Thursday.

His comments provided a rare sight of certainty in an otherwise baffling environmental mystery hanging over a booming offshore oil trade. Since early September, Brazil’s government has been probing thick crude washing up across thousands of kilometers of Brazil’s coast in nine states.

Venezuela’s oil ministry and state oil firm PDVSA didn’t immediately reply to requests for remark.

Bim stated the agency was exercising caution when disclosing lines of inquiry to avoid “unhealthy information” and “diplomatic problems.”

A report by state-owned oil company Petroleo Brasileiro SA, often known as Petrobras, first suggested that the crude had qualities of Venezuelan oil. The government later carried out its evaluation confirming the properties of the oil, Bim said.

There isn’t any doubt the cause of the oil spill was criminal, as otherwise, it would have been internationally reported, Bim said.

The current incident is more bizarre than a typical oil spill, Bim said, because the dense crude isn’t floating on the surface and merely appears when it washes up on shore, making conventional solutions much less efficient.


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