Breaking bad season 7- Cast, Synopsis, Release date

The first season of the Breaking Bad American TV series made its debut on 20 January 2008 and ended on 9 March. So far and so forth, the phenomenal Breaking Bad has successfully run five brilliant series to date. And grasped the hearts of its adorers. 

If you’ve just finished watching Breaking Bad season 5, you would be so dang eager to watch its following seasons. Season 6 was about to be set off this year, but due to the unpredictable occurrence of the deadly covid 19 virus. 

While the first-time rating did not remain strong, it became a television phenomenon over the five seasons—mostly kudos to word of mouth and the extremely popular binge viewership.

Highlighted as one of the biggest TV series ever (Rolling Stone ranked it third on its 100 best shows), the show has never failed to amaze its audience. If you’re a true Breaking Bad watcher, you might be looking for Breaking Bad Season 7. Here’s all that we know and what you need to know. 

Synopsis of breaking bad season 7 

In its general sense, it’s the testimony of a soft-speaking chemist who risks all he has done to ensure his family is cared for in the event of his death after being told by doctors with lung cancer. Still, the saga is not that uncomplicated as all of the fantastic television shows. It tends to develop, managing to finish up before every season — and mysteriously.

To raise money for his cancer treatment and family, he plans to make crystal methamphetamine. He exhibited himself to be a drug lord all through five seasons. The police are given his partner’s identity. Walter returns to Albuquerque at the end of the five-day season to avenge the death of his relatives. 

Since now, even season 6 is not aired, we can’t talk wholly about the season 7′ plot. Season 6 will particularly include many more drug wars and a progressive story. The option and plot were hushed up for season 7. If season 7 happens, it will bring new folds in the story for the audience. 


Expected release date of breaking bad season 7

Breaking bad season 7 will happen, or nah is still a debatable question as no official announcement has been made by the makers nor by the artists. We should wait for season 6 to be released and see what puzzling story it sets for us at the end. 

Reports say that once season 6 has been released, season 7 affirmation can be sent out. Rumours are doing rounds on the internet that season 6 could be out this year in August. 

If that happens, we can expect the breaking bad season 7 somewhere in 2022. 

Expected Cast of Breaking bad season 7

Since we have seen Walter white dying of a gunshot wound at the end of season 5, can we expect to see him again? Well, only if the story plays out in flashback. If it doesn’t happen, maybe we will have a new hero or a different plot from usual. However, taking into notice Walter, who played by Bryan, don’t come back, we can always have our favourite characters below in season 7:

  • Skyler White
  •  Jesse Pinkman
  • Hank Schrader
  • Marie Schrader
  • Saul Goodman
  • Gustavo “Gus” Fring
  • Mike Ehrmantraut
  • Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
  • Todd Alquist

There has been no announcement of any new cast members as of yet.


It will be overwhelming to see what the future holds for Breaking Bad Season 7. Currently, only assumptions can be made, and no factual claims. But it would be best if you were sure of one thing. Whatever be the update, you will find it first in our blog.

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