Brett Kavanaugh Wife: Calls New Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Thoroughly Prepared And Off To A Wonderful Start

The United States Supreme Court associate judge Brett Michael Kavanaugh was born in the United States on February 12, 1965. Trump nominated him on July 9th, and he’s been in office since October 6th, 2018.

His professional background includes service as a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit and as an attorney for several departments of the United States federal government.

Brett Kavanaugh Wife

Brett Kavanaugh Wife
Brett Kavanaugh Wife

Since Ashley Kavanaugh met her future husband while working as the president’s personal secretary in the Bush White House in 2001, she had much closer links to the Bush family than her husband, who was a staff secretary.

Her close relationship with the Bush family is likely a major factor in President George W. Bush’s decision to speak out in support of Kavanaugh.

Someone close to the couple has described Ashley Kavanaugh, who was once the president’s personal secretary, as “the mayor” of the hamlet of Chevy Chase, Section 5.

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Brett Kavanaugh Calls New Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Thoroughly Prepared And Off To A Wonderful Start

The newest member of the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, was lauded by his colleagues, including Brett Kavanaugh, shortly after she took the bench last October. Kavanaugh spoke highly of his colleague’s preparedness on Monday at a Notre Dame Law School event, saying, “She is well prepared – thoroughly prepared.”

She’s got a wonderful start,” Kavanaugh said, adding that Jackson “struck the ground running” and meshes well with the team. Less than four months into her term, Jackson, who is seated next to Kavanaugh on the bench, has garnered significant attention in the legal community.

Jackson has been making herself heard frequently during oral arguments and engaging in lengthy back-and-forths with counsel, prompting observers to remark on how swiftly and easily she has adjusted to her new job. For what it’s worth, progressives have also praised Jackson for what they regard as her willingness to challenge the 6-3 conservative majority’s legal thinking.

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