Brett Somers Cause Of Death: What Happened To Her On Match Game?

Brett Somers, whose real name was Audrey Dawn Johnston, was a Canadian-American game show host, actress, and singer. Brett gained widespread recognition for her roles as a panelist on the 1970s game show Match Game and as Blanche Madison on The Odd Couple, in which she frequently appeared alongside her real-life husband, actor Jack Klugman.

Audrey Dawn Johnston was born in Halcomb, New Brunswick, but she spent most of her childhood in Portland, Maine.  She left for New York at age 18 to pursue an acting career, and she eventually settled in Greenwich Village.

Instead of marrying the well-known comedian, she wed a New York businessman named Robert H. Klein in 1948. They were married for a relatively short time and had one child, Leslie Klein, who passed away from lung cancer in 2003 and then got a divorce. The couple had two kids, David and Adam. In 1953 she wed actor Jack Klugman, and the couple eventually had two sons.

It was widely believed for a long time that Somers and Klugman had divorced in 1974 but had remained legally married until her death; this misconception was compounded by the fact that Klugman did not marry his second wife until after Somers had already passed away. A divorce was finalized in August of that year, as evidenced by court records from California. When Somers was well into his 40s, he finally became a citizen of the United States.

brett somers cause of death
brett somers cause of death

Brett Somers Cause Of Death

When Somers first joined the Actors Studio in 1952, she appeared on shows like the Philco Television Playhouse, Kraft Television Theatre, Playhouse 90, and Robert Montgomery Presents. She made her Broadway debut in the title role of Maybe Tuesday. The show was a flop and was canceled after only five performances. She starred alongside Klugman in two films: “The Seven Year Itch” and “The Country Girl.”

Brett Somers entertained viewers with her wit and wisdom when she appeared on the 1970s quiz show “Match Game,” which she hosted. At that time, she was 83. Their son Adam Klugman stated that his mother passed away from stomach and colon cancer.

The “Match Game” game show was hosted by Gene Rayburn and featured contestants taking on a panel of famous people who insulted them with risqué comments and putdowns in response to meaningless questions. Regulars like Somers, Dawson, and Reilly are still seen on GSN airings of the show from its 1973–1979 run (formerly Game Show Network.) Mrs. Somers tied the knot with Jack Klugman, who starred in “Quincy” and “The Odd Couple,” in 1953. They officially separated in 1974 but remained married.

In 2002, reports surfaced suggesting the Canadian-American actress was undergoing treatment for cancer. The rumors weren’t true. In 2004, she received the news that she had stomach and colon cancer. Despite being sick, Brett Somers fought valiantly. Brett’s untimely death from cancer occurred on September 15, 2007. She died at the age of 83 in Connecticut.

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