Bright: Samurai Soul New Movie Release Date Status Confirmed on Netflix 

Netflix’s original ‘Bright’ was one of the tremendous letdowns of 2017. After a massive marketing campaign and the implicit promise that Netflix will become a real rival to established, conventional studios, Netflix’s direct-to-streaming movie “Bright ” in 2017 generated a lot of attention when it was released. “Bright ” was one of that year’s most blatantly flawed shows, but it didn’t exactly want to turn out as intended either. But the series is on the rise again, with both a sequel film and an anime spin-off confirmed. This week, the streaming giant released the first video promo for the upcoming movie.

Bright’s unusual world-building, which marries an essential detective drama with heightened fantastical embellishments, was undoubtedly a significant factor in Netflix’s decision to give it a go. Bright: Samurai Soul takes place in Japan between the fall of the Shogunate and the dawn of the Meiji period and explores a different world, timeframe, and people in the same fictional fairyland as the live-action film Bright. For this film, director Ishiguro made a great effort to combine Japanese culture and Bright’s fictional universe. Animated by the motion-capture firm ARecT, the film combines Japanese woodblock print art with 3D computer graphics. Samurai Soul aims to dig into that basis, which would appear to adapt well to upcoming work exploring orcs and elves interacting with humans.

Samurai Soul New Movie Release Date
Samurai Soul New Movie Release Date

In addition to Ishiguro, the Netflix movie will be directed by Kyhei Ishiguro, the director of Children of the Whales. Michiko Yokote will also be in charge of scriptwriting. As a last note, Atsushi Yamagata will be designing Bright Samurai Soul’s characters. To create a specific instance, Studio Arect’s talented staff is hard at work. What you need to know about the narrative, release date, and production crew is right here.

Samurai Soul Release date

As of September 13, Netflix has confirmed that the animated feature Bright: Samurai Soul will be available to stream on their site on Tuesday, October 12, 2021. At 12:01 a.m. pacific time/3:01 am eastern time, you may watch this original Netflix film on Netflix. As of now, the platform has not specified which countries would watch the movie online.

Samurai Soul Trailer

Your eyes will be opened to a weird and lovely world full of mythical creatures such as talking animals and elves in Bright: Samurai Soul. We’ll also watch after Izo and Raiden, two tired officers who used to work in a dull part of town. There is widespread hatred amongst individuals worldwide, but both sides feel that a stable and harmonious society should exist, irrespective. One night, when they were both asleep, a young elf came to them for aid since he was being hunted by demons. It turned their lives upside down. After hearing this, they’ve both resolved to aid her, which will result in a war and a heartbreaking moment for both parties involved. 

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Samurai Soul Cast

Sima Lu’s casting in the Bright: Samurai Soul was one of the most significant revelations in the new teaser. Izou has been given the visage of Shang-chi from Marvel’s The Avengers. In addition to him, Fred Mancuso will portray the part of Raiden, the ronin in the film. Last but not least, Yuzu Harada will play Sonya the elf in the movie. In addition to the English cast, the update also announced the movie’s Japanese cast. Yuuki Nomura portrays Izo, Daisuke Hirakawa portrays Raiden, and Shion Wakayama portrays Sonya in the anime series. 

Samurai Soul Plot

Details regarding “Bright: Samurai Soul’s” narrative have been revealed on Netflix‘s official press site. It has been reported by the streaming site that “In Bright, Izou and Raiden go over the Tokaido route to convey her and the wand she carries safely to Elven realm. There’s a secret group called Inferni that’s trying to get the wand and bring back the Dark Lord, who wants to control the entire universe.”

A word about the wand: it is crucial to the “Samurai Soul” storyline. Magicians use wands to cast spells in the “Bright” universe, but they’re more than simply stylish twigs. They’re a powerful magical artifact that’s hidden from the public by governments (via The Verge). To use a sword without dying, only a select few “brights” can do it.

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Things get insane when the elf Izou and Raiden accompany the extremely intelligent, and her wand is sought for by some of Japan’s most prominent political people. Although “Samurai Soul” is set in the distant past, its adversaries seem to have the same objective as “Bright”: to revive the Dark Lord who had been conquered millennia before. In any case, this wand is deadly, and few people are capable of stimulating it properly. Hopefully, Izou, Raiden, and Sonya will successfully pursue the truth about their past.

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