Britney Spears Flaunts New Outfit Warns Fans Not To Ride The Rollercoaster

On Tuesday (February 21), Britney Spears was having a good time on Instagram, posting photos of herself in a glittery new dress and generally being like her funny self. I made a dress last week, guys. I felt exceptional in my diamond panel back-slip skirt.

“A girlfriend of mine helped me sew it,” Spears said in an accented voice in the video. “They sent me a gown that required no sewing!” The pop sensation showed a new dress, a shimmering pink short with a plunging neckline.

She danced about with the new dress in her hands and thanked the company. She also modelled a second white, strapless, fringe-detailed dress for the camera.

Referring to an incident in January, in which authorities were reportedly called to her residence to perform a wellness check on her after she deleted her Instagram account, Spears said, “So, guys, I just want you to know, if I ever shut down my Instagram, do not contact the cops.”

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She Releases Racy Clip In Homemade Gown And Says My Hubby Dislikes This Video

The singer of “Gimme More” posted the video to Instagram tonight, implying that her husband disapproved. According to Britney Spears, Sam Asghari ‘Hates’ Her ‘Bad’ Black Outfit  “hates” the video in which she can be seen trying on revealing clothing she designed herself.

The pop superstar revealed that her husband of the last year shared her distaste for the all-black ensemble featured in the music video. Britney gave the impression of being unconcerned by Sam’s criticisms as she posed for photos for her 41.7 million Instagram followers.

The first ensemble the Toxic singer posed was a black co-ord with a skirt with a thigh-high split and a matching crop top. Britney almost revealed too much as she drew the dress down to her knees, showing her tattoos.

A fan account tweets, “Britney Spears: I just released a racially insensitive clip of me in a homemade gown, and my husband strongly disapproves.”

Britney matched her outfit with a clutch bag shaped like a lipstick smudge. The actress then pulled on a blazer and topped her blond hair with a burgundy hat for the latter part of the clip.

The actress said, “I made the diamond outfit and two more last night…” I paid around $170 for a diamond-shaped panel for the front and then had to pay for a slip to make it work. Well, it’s not Versace, but I made it myself…

I pieced it together, and then a lady helped me stitch it… and I also added a design to the bottom of the larger stones. “I was bored, but making things is so much fun!” Britney changed into a stunning silver embroidered dress for her second look. The tiny dress exposed her curves with its translucent panels and miniskirt length.

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