Bryan Johnson Net Worth: A $2 Million Treatment Program A Successful Businessman Was Able To Turn Back

Bryan Johnson is an American entrepreneur, venture investor, novelist, and writer. He was born on August 22, 1977. He started the brain-monitoring company Kernel and the VC firm OS Fund, which backs startups in the scientific and technological sectors.

In addition to his work in the e-commerce industry, he also founded and served as CEO, chairman, and president of Braintree, a business that develops and operates online and mobile payment platforms. In 2012, Braintree paid $26.2 million to purchase Venmo; PayPal paid $800 million to acquire the merged company in 2013.

Bryan Johnson Net Worth

Bryan Johnson Net Worth
Bryan Johnson Net Worth

One American businessman, Bryan Johnson, is worth a reported $400 million. Bryan Johnson is well-known as the creator of Braintree, a service that facilitates payments for businesses operating online and on mobile devices. Johnson was born into a large Mormon family in Springville, Utah.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in 2003 from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. During his time as a graduate student, he founded Braintree. More than $8 billion is processed in credit card transactions each year, $2 billion of which comes from mobile devices.

This company was #47 on the Inc. 500 in 2011. To the tune of $800 million, Johnson let eBay acquire Braintree from him in 2013. Not only has he been featured on Crain’s annual Tech 25 and Tech 50 lists, but he was also included on the publication’s prestigious 40 Under 40 list. He unveiled his new $100 million venture OS in October 2014 with the intention of funding innovators and researchers working on projects that will benefit humanity.

To advance knowledge of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, he established the neurotechnology firm Kernel in 2016. Johnson proposed to his girlfriend, the model/singer Taryn Southern, in March of 2018.

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In A $2 Million Treatment Program A Successful Businessman Was Able To Turn Back The Clock On His Biological Age

The 45-year-old software mogul Bryan Johnson wants to be like an 18-year-old in every way: in mind, body, and spirit. He plans on spending at least $2 million on a medical regimen this year that will involve more than 30 doctors keeping close tabs on his health in order to pull off the accomplishment.

The group, headed by 29-year-old regenerative medicine doctor Oliver Zolman, hopes to slow down the ageing process in all body systems. Thus, Johnson and Zolman scour the scientific literature and use Johnson as a trial pig for promising treatments.

Johnson said in an interview published on Wednesday by Bloomberg Businessweek, “The body produces a certain configuration at age 18.” This is an extremely motivated effort to raise the legal age worldwide to eighteen.

The regimen, which goes by the name “Project Blueprint,” has stringent restrictions for everything from eating (1,977 calories per day to be exact) to exercise (one hour per day, with 25 different exercises, and high-intensity three times per week) to sleep (at the same time every night, after wearing blue-light-blocking glasses for two hours).

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