Btooom Season 2 Cancelled or Renewed?

Btooom is a science fiction Japanese animation show based on the Manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Junya Inoue.

The Manga series started publishing in 2009, and three years later, in 2012, the first 50 chapters of this Manga series were adapted as a television anime show.

Btooom season 1 premiered on October 4, 2012, and since then, there is no news of the arrival of season 2. But the popularity of the show made the show adapt into a battle royale game that was launched in Japan in February 2017. The game’s release gave its fans hope that they might see the Btooom! Season 2 trailer soon. Here is everything we know about the prospects of season 2.

Btooom Season 2 Release Date

The show’s first season premiered on October 4, 2012, on the Japanese popular television network Tokyo MX. The production was done by anime studio madhouse, which made the show available on Crunchyroll in English subtitles. Five years later, the show’s popularity made the creators release a battle royale game for its fans. There were some rumors that the show was picked off for a season 2 in 2018. However, it is almost the middle of 2021, and we do not have any insights about the season 2 release.

We already know that the show is very popular among its fans, so there is still a possibility that we might see we don’t season 2 soon.

Our closest guess for Btooom season 2 is mid 2022.

Btooom Cast/ Characters

Btooom is about an unemployed young man Ryota Sakamoto who is among the top players in a titular video game. When he is nominated to participate in the real-life version of the game, he is trapped inside it and meets Himiko, his wife. As they both fell in love, they must find a way to return home.

Kanta Hangō plays Ryota Sakamoto, and 2 Suzuko Mimori plays Himiko.

Some other characters of the show include Tōru Ōkawa, Miyuki Sawashiro, and Yuichi Nakamuka.

Btooom! Plot

The show’s plot revolves around a 22-year-old unemployed boy Ryōta Sakamoto who is a remarkable player in an online battle royale game called Btooom!

His simple life turns upside down when he finds himself on a lonely tropical island with no memory of how he got there. After finding a green crystal embedded in his hand, he realizes that he has been stuck in the real-life version of his favorite game. The story starts with Rayōta exploring this unknown Island. With no knowledge of surviving on the Island, he asked for help from a stranger, who responded by throwing a bomb at him.


In no time, Rayōta realizes that he either has to kill or be killed to survive on this Island. Finally, he accepts his reality and starts playing the game, equipping himself with the set of unique bombs called BIMs.

In his rough yet thrilling journey, Rayota meets with Himiko, another Btooom!

The duo tries to fight the battle and survive but eventually finds the creators of this horrific reality. By taking help from government agents like Matthew Percier, Ryota finds out that Tyrannos Japan, the developer of Btooom, has been associated with the terrorist organization called Schwartz Foundation.

The reason behind their evil deed was to use their players as test subjects to conquer the entire world and get rid of all the evidence of their current crimes.

The show, along with the main themes as thriller suspense and action, also has multiple subplots, including love and friendship. We saw in the front how the duo fighting the terrorist organization falls in love but is stuck inside the virtual reality from which they have to come out.

The show is a very psychological watch that can give Goosebumps to anyone watching it. Another exciting thing about the show is its source material, as the Manga series has two endings that leave the reader to decide which they want: the happy year or the darker.

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Those who have not read the Manga are anxiously waiting for Btooom season 2 to find out if Ryota and Himiko find their way out of the virtual reality.

Btooom Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer for season 2 as creators are not given any green signal for its release. Never say never. We may see the trailer anytime soon whenever the creator is ready to release Btooom season 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Btooom Anime ended?

Btooom season 1 ended in December 2012 with 12 episodes. The chances for season two are close to none.

Where can we stream Btooom?

Btooom is available on Crunchyroll.

Is Btooom worth reading?

As we are sure there is not going to be Btooom Season 2, the fans should give the manga a read as it has two endings with multiple twists.

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