Cable Girls Season 6: Is the Series Officially Ended?

Netflix’s Las Chicas del Cable, or Cable Girl, is a television drama series. This is a Spanish drama set in the 1920s in Madrid. It portrays the lives of four Spanish women who, for multiple reasons, continue focusing at a telecommunications organization and pursue a new journey of the development of newer facts about the world and one another.

Each woman comes from a different background and seems to be coping with her own set of challenges. Understanding what it was like to be a working woman in a time when women’s rights were severely restricted is the main thing you appreciate. 

The first season aired on April 28, 2017, and comprised eight episodes. The show was well-received, and five seasons have been broadcast thus far, with the fifth season being broken up into two parts. The first half of Season 5 premiered on February 14th, 2020, with the second half premiering on July 3rd, 2020. On July 3rd, the series finale, titled The End, aired. For this series, Netflix did not release a new episode every week. Instead, they gave fans enough stuff to last the remainder of the season. This is Netflix’s first original Spanish-language series.

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Cable Girls Season 6: Release Date

Initially, the makers of the show hinted that the show will continue for the next season once the season finishes. However, it has been more than a year that makers have not given the green signal for the upcoming show. Although, we cannot rule out the possibilities of its arrival because of its popularity and the quality of content that viewers receive.

Hence, there are possibilities that the makers of the show might be busy with the pre-production and post-production of the upcoming season and might return to the screens in the coming years.


The chances for the return of the show are great and fans might hear the official announcement of the revival of the next show. However, if the season makes a comeback then there is the probability that it will air at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. Once the creators of the series announce its official release date then we will update this at the earliest. Keep an eye out there so that you do not miss any recent updates regarding the release date.    

Will There Be Season 6 of Cable Girls? 

With season 5, ‘Cable Girls’ as a series has unfortunately come to an end. The second half of Season 5 would be the right send-off for viewers, according to Netflix. As a result, it became clear that the tale would come to an end. In terms of the storyline itself, there isn’t much else to say.

The plot has brought the characters’ journey to a nice climax. The open-ended quality of the performance allows it to end on a good note. As a result, ‘Cable Girls’ Season 6 has been officially canceled. The Netflix series has had a great run, blending compelling drama with social satire.

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On the streaming site, this is still one of the most well-known Spanish historical dramas. The show’s final episodes explain why it has garnered so much love and appreciation, as we are amazed by the bravery portrayed by these women. Also, be sure to check out our guides to all of this month’s movies and series, as well as the upcoming Original Series and Movies for the rest of the year.

Cable Girls Season 6: Cast

As of now, the creators of this series have not announced any concrete plan regarding the revival of this series hence they do not have shared any specific words on the cast of the upcoming series. However, it is being speculated that if it makes a comeback then most probably all the old characters of this series will be retained and we might witness new faces to this series as well.

Here, we are sharing a list of few key members of the show. Read below a short description of the casts and characters.

  • Blanca Suarez as Lidia Aguilar
  • Yon Gonzalez as Francisco Gomez
  • Ana Fernandez as Carlota Rodriguez
  • Nadia De Santiago as Marga Squarez
  • Ana Polvorosa as Sara Millan
  • Nico Romero as Pablo Santos
  • Martino Rivas as Carlos Cifuentes
  • Concha Velasco as Dona Carmen
  • Maggie Civantos as Angeles Vidal
  • Angela Cremonte as Elisa Cifuentes
  • Borja Luna as Miguel Pascual

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Cable Girls Season 6: Trailer

The show is not renewed for the next installment. So we should not expect the trailer in the meantime. 

Cable Girls Season 6: Plot

As we have mentioned that there is no sufficient material to work upon for the next series and it has been concluded in the previous season as well hence we do not have any specific plot for this. Once we get any updates then we will get back to you. As of now, The Cable Girls Season 6 has been officially canceled and there are very few chances to revive this again. For more recent updates, you can stay in touch with us. 

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