California Franchise Tax Board Extends Tax Deadline to Hurricane Ian Victims

Special state tax relief for individual and business taxpayers affected by Hurricane Ian was announced by the California Franchise Tax Board (“FTB”) on October 5, 2022.

Tax returns for 2021 income in California are extended until February 15, 2023, for individuals and businesses in areas declared disaster zones by the president. This extension also applies to any tax payments that would have been due between September 23, 2022, and February 15, 2023.

California Franchise Tax Board Extends Tax Deadline

Affected taxpayers whose original tax filing deadline was October 17, 2022, now have until February 15, 2023, to do so. Any tax payments for the year 2021 that was originally due on April 18, 2022, will not be eligible for the extension.

california franchise tax board
california franchise tax board

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced on September 29, 2022, that taxpayers in Florida who were impacted by Hurricane Ian would be granted an extension until February 15, 2023, to file certain individual and business tax returns and make related tax payments. When a federal disaster declaration is issued, the California FTB automatically extends the applicable postponement period as set by the Internal Revenue Service.

At the top of their tax returns, taxpayers should “write the name of the disaster (for example, “Hurricane Ian”) in blue or black ink to alert FTB.” Individuals filing tax returns electronically should enter disaster information in accordance with the software’s instructions: Anyone who receives a late filing or late payment penalty notice during the postponement period should contact the number listed on the notice to have the penalty waived.

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