When Will You Get Your California Stimulus Check 2022? California Announces New Dates For Debit Cards

It’s been reported that millions of Californians have already received their Middle-Class Tax Refund via direct deposit, but many more are still waiting.

California Stimulus Check 2022

The payouts, which lawmakers have termed “inflation relief,” would be made between $200 and $1,050. About 23 million taxpayers will get the payout in 2020, with the method of distribution determined by how the taxpayer submitted their taxes.

Payment schedule details were clarified by the state’s Franchise Tax Board on Monday, but they remain complicated.

When you get paid is determined by the method of payment used. People who got a Golden State Stimulus payment by direct deposit last year (GSS I, GSS II, or both) are the first to get their payments, which have already begun to be released. The dates for receiving those payments are October 7 through October 25.

california stimulus check 2022
california stimulus check 2022

Those who have been approved to receive a Golden State Stimulus payment through a debit card will be paid next. Like the previous payment, this one will be made through a debit card and paid out in the last-name order.

See the table below for more information on when the Franchise Tax Board expects to mail the debit card with the Middle-Class Tax Refund to those who received a GSS I or GSS II check:

Recipients                                                                                           Debit card mailing timeframe
GSS I or II check recipients (last name beginning with A – E)- 10/24/2022 through 11/05/2022
GSS I or II check recipients (last name beginning with F – M)- 11/06/2022 through 11/19/2022
GSS I or II check recipients (last name beginning with N – V)- 11/20/2022 through 12/03/2022
GSS I or II check recipients (last name beginning with W – Z)- 12/04/2022 through 12/10/2022

The debit cards are being distributed by the state of California in conjunction with Money Network.

The state will start offering direct payments to non-GSS beneficiaries who filed electronically for their tax refunds in 2020 at the same time the first batch of debit cards is sent out.

Between December 2022 and January 2023, the remaining qualified recipients will get their payments. Date details will be released by the Franchise Tax Board next month.

What we have learned thus far regarding the MCTR (inflation relief payments) schedule is as follows.

Direct deposit payments
GSS I or II direct deposit recipients- 10/07/22 through 10/25/22
Non-GSS recipients who meet direct deposit requirements- 10/28/22 through 11/14/2022

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