Cameron Chapman Age: The Cast Of Lockwood And Co Discusses Their First Lead Roles

Actor Cameron Chapman is new to television. His first known role was with Lockwood & Co. Showrunner Joe Cornish stated that he chose Chapman right out of theatre school and that it was difficult to find a suitable candidate for the character of Lockwood in an interview with Empire magazine. Due to the challenges in casting the part, Cornish added that everyone was relieved when Chapman showed up and gave a strong performance.

He said Chapman was excellent behind the scenes, but he also had something more going on inside that he wasn’t exactly letting on. Apart from Chapman, who was said to already be in “immaculate shape,” Joe Cornish claimed that each member of the main cast was required to spend two months getting in shape for using rapiers.

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Cameron Chapman Age

Anthony Lockwood is the founder and CEO of Lockwood And Co., as suggested by his last name. Even though Anthony’s age is never revealed in the book series, the author said Anthony is 15 in a Goodreads Q&A. Anthony, who is typically just referred to by his last name, is a dynamic and strong young man. He can “see,” which enables him to perceive energy and spirits all around him. an important aspect of ghost hunting.

Cameron Chapman Age

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The Cast Of “Lockwood And Co” Discusses Their First Lead Roles, Their Favorite Episodes, And Their Relationship With Lockwood

Lockwood & Co., a brand-new fantasy adventure series from producer Joe Cornish (Attack the Block), is based on the young adult novel series by author Jonathon Stroud. It is currently streaming on Netflix. There are several government organizations tasked with keeping control and protecting the populace in this ghostly London. Sadly, these haunts are out of control, which is why Lockwood & Co. is involved.

The Cast Of "Lockwood And Co" Discusses Their First Lead Roles, Their Favorite Episodes, And Their Relationship With Lockwood

Anthony Lockwood, played by newcomer Cameron Chapman, founded the small, amateur ghost-hunting business with the assistance of shrewd George Karim (Ali Hadji-Heshmati) and Lucy Carlyle (Ruby Stokes), who possesses supernatural abilities that provide the group an advantage over the competitors.

Chapman makes his acting debut in the lead, title role of Lockwood & Co:

With Lockwood’s tenacity, George’s intelligence, and Lucy’s amazing paranormal abilities, Lockwood & Co. might be London’s best defense. In Lockwood & Co., Chapman, Hadji-Heshmati, and Stokes command the screen in addition to the rest of the superb group. When you consider that each of them is relatively new to the industry, their chemistry both on and off-screen is quite an astounding feat. Before Lockwood & Co., Hadji-Heshmati had minor appearances on other programs like Bad Education and Alex Rider, and Stokes had several tiny roles in television and cinema, most notably as Francesca Bridgerton in Bridgerton.

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