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Canada’s Largest Oil Refinery Irving Oil Removes Carbon Neutral Pledge from its Websites

Irving Oil, an operator of Canada’s largest oil refinery, has deserted a commitment to cut carbon emission by 17% from 2005 levels by 2020, replacing it instead with an objective to keep its efficiency on climate change aggressive with competitors, based on documents.

The policy change seems likely to ensure the refinery – the nation’s 18th biggest greenhouse fuel emitter – misses the cuts by a wide margin at a time Ottawa is looking to pare emissions and build a reputation as a world chief in the combat against the changing climate. The refinery is situated in the metropolis of Saint John, in the East Coast province of New Brunswick.

Family-owned Irving Oil had publicized here the 17% carbon pare target after the Copenhagen Accord of 2009, an international settlement to combat global warming that has since been superseded by a more ambitious and broadly adopted deal called the Paris Settlement.

However, the firm, which provides over half of its gasoline and other fuels to the U.S. Northeast, eliminated the pledge from its website earlier this year, without any public notice of a change in policy.

Regulatory filings show the corporate ceased to target an outright reduction in carbon output from the factory as early as 2016. It instead adopted a target to maintain a carbon intensity ranking among the top 25% of competing refineries in Canada by 2025, utilizing a methodology developed by Texas-based consultancy HSB Solomon Associates that consider a facility’s “complexity” rather than just its emissions-per-barrel of throughput, according to the filings.

Irving listed over two dozen missions and packages to help realize this goal, including “fugitive emissions leak detection” and enhancing the energy effectivity of the plant, based on its Greenhouse Gas Management plan registered with provincial governors in 2016.


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