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Welcome back Fam! Today we are here discussing the Queen of Christmas Candace Cameron Bure who has been making Christmas movies since 2008 for Hallmark. The actress even shared in an interview that in reality making these movies are even more difficult than any other series she has worked upon. She also said that this work is the hardest of all as there is such an effort, sudden changes, always putting on a happy face, moving out to make the Christmas work, and long hours. Her first Hallmark movie was Moonlight and Mistletoe. After that, she returned for another movie Let it snow in 2013. And since then she had been featured in at least one movie for Christmas every year.

She also added that she had a long relationship with the Hallmark channel for 12 years and also said that she had always been intentional with her choices and career. The branding of Hallmark has always lined up with what she wanted to show to her audience and what type of presentation she want to give for a character. She always wanted work that would be loved by all family-friendly audiences. She even added that this is the reason she loves it and also has fans who are even 6 years old and consider her as DJ tanner whether it is from the original show or the show on Netflix. She added other than them she has 60-year-old fans that love her on the Hallmark channel and she gets very thrilled about thinking of this. She said that she loved being connected with Christmas and it’s her favorite holiday of the Year.

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While Bure has appeared in nine Hallmark Christmas films till 2020, she stated in an interview with Today that she had Christmas as her favorite because of her love for The Wizard of Oz. She also added that this story was different from a romantic comedy, and it was also about finding love and  Christmas. She even added that if you like The Wizard of Oz, there are many Easter eggs and nuggets in it, such as in the character names, with the concepts of having courage, heart, and brain.

So keep on reading further as we have gathered everything you need to know about your favorite Candace Cameron movies: 

Journey Back to Christmas (2016)

This story is about nurse Hannah played by Bure who would be transported in 2016 and who will learn the actual meaning of Christmas over time.  This story will completely make you fall with the magic of Christmas and the beautiful storylines.

Journey Back to Christmas
Journey Back to Christmas

If I Only Had Christmas (2020)

The story is about Darcy ( played by Bure) who along with all of her other cast members of Wizard of Oz gets together to assist Emerald Education Trust Glen Goodman (Warren Christie) who would be the vice president of the trust in planning a charity Christmas gala.

The Christmas Contest (2021)

This story is about Bure when she reunites with her co-star of Fuller House John Brotherton in this show. Ben and Lara, who were exes, reunite while competing in Christmas trivia and games to win money for charity.

Switched for Christmas (2017)

In this story, Bure plays twins Chris, a single mother, and Kate, a single workaholic, who switch places for the holidays.

Switched for Christmas
Switched for Christmas

A Shoe Addict’s Christmas (2018)

This story is about Noelle( Bure) who would be locked in a department store on Christmas Eve. There she would have met a hot firefighter( played by Luke Macfarlane). Here she would be seen visiting her past, present, and future Christmases with a guardian angel ( played by Jean Smart).

A Christmas Detour (2015)

This story is about Paige (Bure) who has to take a ride with cynic Dylan ( played by Paul Greene) along with a married couple (David Lewis, Sarah Strange) to New York City to meet her fiancé’s parents.

Moonlight & Mistletoe (2008)

In this story, Bure would be seen playing a character who would be helping her father after he suffered from an injury. Holly (played by Bure) returns home to help him in running his business in Santaland and reconnects with one of his employees, Peter (played by Christopher Wiehl).

Moonlight & Mistletoe
Moonlight & Mistletoe

Christmas Town (2019)

In this story, Lauren (Bure) takes a trip down to small-town Grandon Falls while she was going to Boston, where she met Travis (played by Tim Rozon) and his foster son, Dylan, and they learned the true meaning of family ( played by Jesse Filkow).

Christmas Under Wraps (2014)

In this story, Bure would be playing the role of Dr. Lauren Brunell who would be forced to relocate to Alaska for work and falls in love with Santa Clause’s son ( played by David O’Donnell).

Let It Snow (2013)

In this story, Stephanie Beck ( played by Bure) is appointed to assist her father’s company in transforming a family lodge into a vacation spot, but she falls in love with the property and the lodge owner’s son (played by Jesse Hutch). 

Let It Snow
Let It Snow

Final Lines

Do let us know in the comments below your favorite movie by Candace Cameron. Till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite shows and characters.

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