Carole Baskin Husband: Is Carole Baskin husband Don Lewis alive? 

Carole Baskin Husband: In the United States, animal rights activist Carole Baskin (born June 6, 1961 as Carole Stairs Jones, formerly known as Carole Murdock) runs the non-profit organisation Big Cat Rescue out of the Tampa area. She has brought awareness to the issue of caged big cats in local, national, and worldwide media.

As a result of the real crime documentary series Tiger King, premiering on Netflix in 2020, Baskin has gained widespread notoriety. The series chronicles Baskin’s growing dispute with Oklahoma-based private zoo owner Joe Exotic.

Carole Baskin’s husband Don Lewis?

Carole Baskin Husband
Carole Baskin Husband

Millionaire Lewis vanished in 1997 when he was sixty years old. Tiger King Season 1 resurrected the cold case, leading to new theories concerning his disappearance.

Cpl. Moises Garcia of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Tampa held a news conference after the second season of Tiger King premiered to share new information regarding the investigation. He claimed Baskin had turned down three requests from police to be interrogated and that Kenny Farr, a former handyman at her large animal sanctuary, “didn’t interview with us.”

Baskin told the AP via email that she had directed Garcia to Garcia’s lawyer. Everything I know is in the journal I published at SaveTheCats or in the paperwork at the Sheriff’s office, Baskin stated. I can’t imagine that my memory would be any sharper or that I’d have anything new to offer after 24 years.

To put Garcia’s mind at ease, he said, “If you ask a murder detective if he can solve a case, and he answers no, you should take away his badge.”

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Is Carole Baskin Still Married to Howard?

The spouses of Carole Baskin had a significant influence in the plot of Tiger King, a Netflix original. Peacock’s new limited series Joe vs. Carole dramatizes the true story of real-life big cat aficionado and third husband Howard Baskin’s odd conflict with an Oklahoma zoo operator.

Joe Exotic, over two years after the docuseries phenomenon initially appeared (premiering Thursday, March 3, 2022). Joe Exotic is played by John Cameron Mitchell of Hedwig and the Angry Inch fame, while the Baskins is played by Kate McKinnon of Saturday Night Live and Kyle MacLachlan of Twin Peaks.

Baskin told Metro in January 2022, “My husband and I look forward to watching Kate McKinnon and Kyle McLaughlin’s representation of us,” even though they knew from the teaser that it would be a satire. Joe vs. Carole, because of the two performers involved, should be far more entertaining than the actual events warranted.

Is Carole Baskin husband Don Lewis alive?

Technically, I guess not. Five years after Lewis disappeared, in 2002, he was proclaimed legally dead. However, to this day, no proof has arisen to establish that he is dead or was killed.

New leads and information came into the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Florida after Tiger King’s victory, but none were considered trustworthy.

Carole Baskin’s husband, Don Lewis, was murdered

Tiger King makes some pretty heavy insinuations about Baskin being responsible for Lewis’ disappearance or murder, but not everyone who has looked into the matter is convinced.

In addition to saying he has never uncovered “any form of proof, not one piece” that implies Lewis was slain, Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister has speculated that a member of Lewis’ wildlife sanctuary staff was responsible for his disappearance.

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