Castlevania Season 4 Final Trailer Released [2021]

Castlevania season 4 is releasing on May 13, 2021, and in one of my previous posts, I revealed the real reason why it will be the last one.

Now Netflix has unveiled its new trailer which looks freakishly amazing. So going forward in this post I will be sharing the recently released trailer and some promising fan theories.

Let’s get started:

Castlevania Season 4 Trailer

Here is the trailer you have been patiently waiting for:

How was the trailer?

Did you like it?

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4 Legit Castlevania Season 4 Fan Theories


After killing his father and the twins, Alucard gets consumed with grief and finds himself inside a coffin that he built inside the Castle.

But when he is unable to sleep, he decides to go back to his underground coffin in Gresit.

Not only that, it’s highly likely that he even gets reunited with his mother Lisa. To be honest, throughout the journey of 3 seasons, I have rarely seen them together.


When Castlevania season 3 ended, Issac found a mirror.

He used the same mirror to travel back directly to Styria with his army.

Despite Under the Influence, Hector has started making an army of Servants for Carmilla.

But the Army he created isn’t enough for Isaac’s big army.
Soon, Hector, Carmilla, and her army get overwhelmed by the attack.

Once most of Carmilla’s generals are defeated, Hector flees from the fight.
Before he’s looking give, Issac notices him leaving but even he is unable to leave the battlefield as he is still in combat with one of Carmilla’s generals.

On the other hand, after leaving the battlefield, a wounded hector finds a nearby Church where he meets Rosaly who assists him in viewing up his rounds.

Within no time, he gets closer to Rosalie.

In the meanwhile, Issac uses the same magical mirror to spy on the hector and wait for the right opportunity to attack him.

3 years later, once Dracula is dead, he sees an opportunity to kill the hector and end his chapter.


After Carmilla set up a coup against Dracula. He wishes nothing but an act of genuine revenge against her.

It isn’t like Carmela is the one who killed his son, but she was the brain behind all this and instigated the vampires to attack their leader.


As a gay black man, Isaac used to Despise mankind.

So once Dracula is dead, he will turn to become the next Dracula’s favorite.

Final Thoughts

If you compare both the Castlevania game and Castlevania anime series,

You might not find a lot of things common between them as the first two Seasons have a bit different storyline.

However, as the story progressed, we got a glimpse of the gaming series in the Castlevania Season 3.

And I hope the same will continue in the last season of the Castlevania Anime series.

Just like the fan theories, I have mentioned above, Do you have some of your own?

If yes, then do share it with me and others in the comments section given below.

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