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Gaming is one of the favorite pastimes for most of us. Some online games greatly influence people’s lives, and players find it difficult to quit them. League of Legends is one of those games that has created a negative spectrum on the internet.

The life of online game streamers is not easy; investing many hours and practicing to win each time they play is one of the most hectic jobs. It can be tiring for both the mind and body, and it is one reason people quit games.

Here, we are going to learn about the solid causes of quitting the world-class League of Legends. Before that, we will learn about what this game is about and who developed it.

League Of Legends Overview

League of Legends is a multi-player game, released on October 27th, 2009. It is an online battle arena video game published and developed by Riot Games, highly inspired by Defense of the Ancients, a designed map for war. Since the game’s release, millions of users have been rooting for this game as it is free to play for everyone.

Just like all other popular games, you can buy several customized gifts and other character customization. In this game, two opposite teams consisting of five players in each battle fight with each other, and the one who defends their assigned map zone wins the game. However, the game has received mixed emotions throughout the years; some loved it while others hated and criticized it.

Causes To Quit League Of Legends

  • Addiction

There is a hormone present in all the human bodies known as Dopamine and a neurotransmitter responsible for creating feelings of reward and pleasure in your brain. It is responsible for game addiction and drugs, junk food, alcohol, social media, cigarettes, and many more. The pleasure of achievements depends on one person to another and how their bodies react. The game is stated to be addictive because it removes the path of hard-work from the minds of gamers and streamers and leads them to the path of competing and winning in the gaming life, which creates mental pressure and desire to win every time. As per the studies, people who are ambitious, passionate, and competitive in real life are most likely to get addicted to video games.

  • Anxiety And Depression

People who suffer from any addiction are most likely to suffer from anxiety and depression in their life, and gaming addiction is nothing different than that. All the highly active gamers look for virtual rewards and play for hours. When they go back to real-life, everything seems boring to them. However, the aspect of life cannot be measured by a video game, and it is one of the most common reasons for players leaving League of Legends. The shocking part is that it keeps coming back and repeating itself until one makes a firm decision to break out of it. Gamers who play for hours know that their life is getting worse, but they do not give up on it because of the pleasure it gives.

  • Escape From Real-Life Concerns

The desire to win and getting rewards is not the only reason why gamers are consumed in video games. Sometimes running away from real-life problems can also be a reason. As per a conducted study, it is found out that most of the gamers who are reported to play video games are highly involved in it to avoid real-life problems. However, escaping from the problem means escaping from being real to yourself. Some people play video games to escape from boredom, while others play to run from social phobia.

  • Bad Grades

When the League of Legends was released, maximum gamers were drooling over it, including youngsters studying in school. They got highly addicted to the games that affected their grades and affected their motivation to study. It also generated anger issues in their behavior, and youngsters started avoiding physical activities to remain fit. It is one of the major causes of leaving this game.

  • Time Consuming

Many regular gamers play the game for 16 to 18 hours a day. Binge gaming also became a thing like binge-watching. As per the conducted study, maximum numbers of gamers invest around 3000+ hours in one video game. Now imagine spending even 10 hours on productive activity, in which one can increase the potential of their career. You can invest this time in learning music, improving your grades, and enhancing the skills you are already good at. Besides that, one can also spend time doing painting, investing in an online business, developing social skills, etc. You can invest real-time into achieving real awards of life instead of procrastinating in video games.

  • Toxic Environment

The toxic environment is another common reason for leaving the League of Legends. If you have played League of Legends, you must be knowing the toxic environment of the game. The players tend to be super competitive and make fun of the other player for losing the game. The beginners and average players are not praised during the game and suffer through terrible jokes on themselves. However, most of the matches are not up to that level, but if you do not do well in the game, the whole clan becomes crappy.

  • Social Life Isolation

Who does not miss social life? A lack of social life is the common problem of gamers who play for hours. Socializing with other multi-players is not called socializing. Human interaction is essential in life to understand the concepts of life. It is one of the causes of quitting League of Legends, and interacting with online gamers does not play any role in enhancing real-life skills. Face-to-face interaction boosts morale and gives reasons to people to enjoy even the littlest things of life. Neglecting friends, ignoring family members is another common complaint. It is essential to spend time with loved ones, family members, and friends to create and maintain the bond.

Top 10 League Of Legends Champions

League of Legends has both pros and cons. Games are created to be enjoyed, and if a person gets fully consumed in games, then it is called a wasting of time. It is always essential to know the boundaries and things that may negatively affect you. Start creating a hobby that turns out to be beneficial for you and the environment you are living in.

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