What Time Will Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune Season 3 Episode 8 Air On ABC?

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Season 3 has a huge fanbase. The eighth episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Season 3 will air on ABC on Sunday, November 6 at 9 p.m. ET. The episode will also be available on Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ the day following its initial airing on television.

In the upcoming episode, three well-known individuals will attempt and hopefully solve challenging word puzzles in order to raise money for their respective causes. The legendary Fortune Wheel will determine the reward for each correct estimate.

The following individuals are taking part in the competition:

  • Jaime Camil: Playing for Girls Who Code
  • Michael Rapaport: Playing for Toys for Tots
  • June Diane Raphael: Playing for Oceana

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Season 3 Episode 8 Contestants

Below we have mentioned the contestants for Celebrity Wheel of Fortune season 3 episode 8:

Jaime Camil

49-year-old Jaime Camil is a well-known performer from Mexico. He graduated with a BA in acting from New York University and Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico. Aside from Spanish and English, he is also proficient in Portuguese and French.

Camil is well-known for his roles as Doc Lopez in Schmigadoon!, Rogelio de la Vega in Jane the Virgin, and Fernando Mendiola in La Fea Más Bella in his first year of broadcasting. He is married to model Heidi Balvaner.

June Diane Raphael

42-year-old Known for her roles in Grace and Frankie, Burning Love, and Unfinished Business, June Diane Raphael is also a screenwriter. The How Did This Get Made? and The Deep Dive podcasts are two of her current projects as a host.

celebrity wheel of fortune season 3
celebrity wheel of fortune season 3


Raphael is well-known for her ongoing sketches, Rode Hard and Put Away Wet, and for her background at New York University. She not only penned the screenplay for Bride Wars but also made a cameo appearance in the movie. She also helped establish the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and the Los Angeles coworking space The Jane Club. She is well known for her role in Celebrity Wheel of Fortune season 3.

Michael Rapaport

52-year-old Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport have been in countless movies and TV shows, including True Romance, The Heat, and The 6th Day, among many more. Additionally, he presents the podcast I Am Rapaport Stereo.

Rapaport directed the hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest in 2011. He was arrested in 1997 for harassing his ex-girlfriend Lili Taylor, and after pleading guilty, he was ordered to attend counseling.

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

Kate Flannery, Steve Agee, and Austin Creed competed on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Season 3 last week, with all proceeds going to charity: Philabundance, Make-A-Wish, and Gamers Outreach. While Austin did win $28,000 in the first round, he was eliminated before making it to the bonus round. With 3 consonants and 1 vowel, he made it to the bonus round the second time, but he still came up short on a $50,000 challenge. After every round was over, Austen was awarded a total of $96,350.

Famous people like Snoop Dogg, Kevin McKidd, Jenifer Lewis, and Tiki Barber are competing in the Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Season 3 for a chance to win $1 million for a charity of their choice. Pat Sajak, Vanna White, and Jim Thornton host and announce the show, respectively.

Instead of Mike Richards, Bellamie Blackstone is the show’s producer for the first time this season. Watch ABC‘s Celebrity Wheel of Fortune season 3 every Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET.

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