Is There Going to Be a Charlotte Season 2?

Aniplex and P.A. Works produced a 13-episode season of the original anime series Charlotte. In spite of the show’s compelling premise and likable cast, a second season is improbable, which is a disappointment.

Even though an anime original lacks source material, there are numerous storylines that leave Charlotte with a lot of room to grow.

According to the anime, every 75 years, a comet named “Charlotte” passes Earth and distributes dust that causes puberty-age youngsters to gain extraordinary talents.

As adults, these abilities fade away. Because so many individuals are eager to take advantage of their position, owning one is dangerous.

As a result, people with extraordinary skills cooperate to keep each other safe by attending a unique school for such students. One young man, Yu, possesses a rare skill that has the ability to save all: the ability to steal the abilities of others and claim them as his own.

Charlotte Should Have Made More of Yu’s Travels Across the World

By using plot convenience and rushed pace, the final episode of Charlotte works as a season summary. Yu explores the world, the only one capable of plundering talents, in order to protect others from being exploited. Yu begins and completes this adventure in a single episode, a task that would normally take years.

By using a map at the beginning of his journey, Yu acquires the ability of someone who can locate other ability bearers in seconds. A short time later, he gains the ability to speak every language and to function without rest.

As a result of Charlotte’s plot conveniences, Yu is able to complete his job without encountering any of the typical problems that come with such a global quest.

He occasionally encounters people who don’t want their powers stolen, and they fight back, but Yu is practically unbeatable and accomplishes his missions with little to no effort. ‘

Charlotte Season 2
Charlotte Season 2

While traveling the planet and seeing a wide variety of ability-wielding characters, this journey may have served as the basis for a whole Season 2. It would have been interesting to see Yu’s personal development.

It was certain that he would come into contact with a wide variety of individuals with various abilities throughout the world, which would provide Charlotte with several opportunities to create new and more complex characters.

Season 2 Was Necessary for the Growth of Nao and Yu’s Relationship

Nao and Yu’s long-awaited romance is just starting to take shape when Yu is called away on a mission around the globe.

In order to help him, she provides him with a list of things to say and do throughout his trip. It’s hard for him to keep up with the sheer number of skills he’s absorbing into his own body, and he begins to fall into madness.

With each loot, Yu’s mental state worsens further, and he revels in his nickname as the “One-Eyed Grim Reaper.” It occurs to him at one point that his god-like powers could be used to take over the world instead of completing his purpose.

Nao’s notecards are the only thing keeping Yu’s sanity intact while he loses all of his memories. No matter how far he sinks, his heart always remembers that someone special made him these cards, and even though he has forgotten who it was, it still brings him back anytime he gets too down.

There’s no way to know how Charlotte would have ended if Nao hadn’t gone with Yu and their new relationship had had an opportunity to blossom, but Yu’s spiral into madness would have provided for an interesting concept for Season 2.

Yu nearly dies in the finale as he loses his last remaining ability and is taken back to the hospital where he was born.

Despite their agreement to be lovers, he wakes up next to Nao and has no memories of their previous conversations.

If there had been a second season, viewers would have the opportunity to see Yu slowly remember Nao as they built new memories, giving Charlotte a stronger form of closure.

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