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Chilean Govt. Builds Two National Parks in Patagonia

The foundation started by the late founder of U.S. clothing manufacturers Esprit and The North Face gave 407,000 hectares (1 million acres) of the forest, lakes, and mountains to the government of Chile on Friday, the Tompkins Conservation Foundation stated.

The present makes final a plan that started with Douglas Tompkins; a U.S. businessman turned conservationist who bought the land piecemeal from ranchers and others over some years. It was the most significant ever non-public donation of conservation land to the general public, the foundation stated.

Chilean forest service CONAF will handle the two newly created national parks, often called Pumalin and Patagonia, in addition to associated tourist infrastructure, including lodges, cabins, and campsites, via a discount system.

Each park is in a remote area of southern Chile identified for its magnificent mountain surroundings, Andean peaks and rare species of wildlife, such as mountain lions and Andean condors.

Chile has dedicated to investing 350 million pesos ($518,000) to the institution of staffing and maintenance for the newly public land as well as hiring 25 park guards, CONAF mentioned in an announcement.

“After years of working along with Doug, our dream that Pumalin and Patagonia Parks change into national parks … has come true,” Kristine Tompkins, president of the foundation and widow of the late Douglas Tompkins, stated in a statement.

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