The Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers Movie: 10 Reasons Fans Are Excited, Per Reddit

There are many original films and television shows on Disney+, but the most eagerly awaited is the Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers movie. In the film’s most recent trailer, the film’s bizarre and surreal tone teased audiences of all ages to expect something truly special.

In anticipation of the release of Chip and Dale’s new movie, Disney fans are eager to learn more about this unusual film. It’s no surprise that Reddit is buzzing about the latest expedition of the cheeky chipmunk duo, with posters gushing about the family comedy adventure.

New Jobs of Chip and Dale

The original Rescue Rangers series features Chip and Dale as private investigators who work with their animal partners to solve various crimes. Despite this, according to IGN, Chip is now an insurance salesman, while Dale is a former TV star who visits conventions.

As a Reddit user, Szimplacurt describes Dale’s new job as “trolling the nostalgic circuit”. The chipmunks’ new jobs have excited him greatly.

Chip and Dale’s new jobs have a lot of comedic potential, as the duo has taken very different paths since the end of their television show. A lot of laughs are guaranteed with Chip’s insurance salesman act, as he tries to sell some expensive legal insurance using his considerable fame.

As a side note, Dale’s appearances at cons may serve as an amusing parody of nostalgia culture, with the chipmunk leveraging his famous past to make money off of his devoted following.

The Uncanny Valley

While computer-generated imagery (CGI) is responsible for some of the most stunning visual effects, it can also lead to the most disappointing ones. In a meta-reference to the less desirable outcomes of computer-generated imagery, the most recent Rescue Rangers trailer has impressed Reddit user Just2Good with its teased uncanny valley, describing it as “a fun concept.”

In the trailer, Chip and Dale encounter some of the worst computer-generated effects, but they still have a lot of fun. They wonder why Beowulf, portrayed by Seth Rogen, appears to be looking away from them in one of the funniest moments of the teaser.

The best part of the trailer comes from the Cats cameo, in which the felines fight in a back alley despite the movie’s notoriously bad CGI (which led many to believe the film should have been animated).

Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers
Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers

Mysterious Disappearance of Gadget

The gadget is an indispensable member of the Rescue Rangers team because he is the mouse responsible for many of Chip and Dale’s inventions. Fans, like Reddit‘s Mr. McSonsteintwitz, are perplexed as to why the eccentric inventor isn’t featured in the film’s trailer.

It’s possible that Mr. McSonsteinwitz, who believes “Gadget’s 100 percent the villain,” will reveal the answer to this puzzling mystery in the film.

It would be shocking for Disney Plus viewers to learn of Gadget’s secret dark side deviance, and it would put Chip and Dale in a difficult position of having to deal with the mouse they thought was a friend.

Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck’s popularity has skyrocketed since Disney’s reboot of DuckTales, drawing in both new and old fans alike. Redditor Dubblix was thrilled to see Donald Duck’s rich uncle in the new Rescue Rangers teaser, noting how much Scrooge McDuck “sounded like” David Tennant in the trailer.

The appearance of the greedy cartoon character Scrooge holds a lot of promise to become one of the film’s best moments, with David Tennant widely regarded as the greatest role of 2021.

Chip and Dale’s latest adventure could benefit from the Scottish actor’s loyalty to his version of the duck billionaire, and his kind-heartedness in the face of danger could make him a valuable ally. While helping the chipmunks defeat their new enemy, Scrooge’s adventurous spirit could lead to some exciting action scenes.

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The Cheese Addiction of Monetary Jack

When it comes to the original Rescue Rangers cartoon, Monetary Jack is the show’s most entertaining character. “Sometimes dreams do come true,” Reddit user SurrenderToTheFloww exclaimed after seeing the Australian mouse in a teaser for the upcoming Rescue Rangers movie.

An amusing take on Monetary Jack is this teaser’s depiction of the well-traveled mouse, who is depicted as a cheese addict.

As an amusing analogy for drug addiction, Chip and Dale’s trusted friend Monetary is unable to resist the allure of the dairy product. As an unexpected twist for Disney’s upcoming release, this joke serves as an amusing scene for the film’s adult audience.

Roger the Rabbit

Who’s to Blame? Fans of Roger Rabbit have grown significantly over the years, with many believing it to be the ideal movie to watch on a date night for men. In spite of this, the film’s protagonist disappeared from view after his debut film. “I’m sold!” Reddit user FontFanatic exclaims as the zany cartoon rabbit finally makes his grand return, in Rescue Rangers, in 2022.

Given that Roger Rabbit is a part of the cast, it’s possible that the Disney Plus original will take place in the same universe as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which also explored the idea of animated characters coexisting with humans.

Jessica Rabbit and Judge Doom could also make appearances in this intriguing concept, which would bring a whole new level of whimsy to the beloved film.


Aladdin, the film’s most likable protagonist, is a resounding presence throughout the beloved classic from 1993. “brilliant and surreal” is how Reddit user LEGOK9 describes the trailer for Rescue Rangers, which features the lovable street urchin star.

In this teaser, a cocksure thief is shown flying his magic carpet while dressed as “Prince Ali,” a reference to the Aladdin movie.

It’s possible that Aladdin’s inclusion could lead to some spectacular stunts, thanks to his impressive parkour skills.

Cosmetic Surgery Using CGI

Movies like Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Space Jam, which combine computer-generated imagery with live-action, have been huge box office successes for many years. With Chip and Dale being washed-up actors living among the human population in The Rescue Rangers, this trend continues in the movies.

Audiences have been enthused by the film’s unique take on the genre, with Reddit poster I’mBoredButAndTired praising the “very interesting” way it depicts Chip and Dale adopting two very different animation styles.

It is one of the teaser’s funniest moments when the Rescue Rangers compare Dale’s 3D CGI appearance to plastic surgery. Because of Chip’s 2D design and Dale’s 3-dimensional computer-generated imagery (CGI) transformation, the film is able to create a distinctive visual style all its own.

Piracy in Videography

Rescue Rangers has perhaps the strangest antagonistic force in movie history. Conflict is at the heart of every cinematic movie. On Reddit, TerminalBlue described the film’s official synopsis as “a very tongue-in-cheek plot” because of the chipmunk duo taking on video piracy.

As they try to save their cartoon pals from this heinous crime, Chip and Dale’s attempts to solve this common problem could provide some entertaining meta-commentary on the movie industry’s greatest enemy.

With the rise of digital downloads and streaming, the topic of video piracy has become more relevant than ever in the context of Rescue Rangers.

The Trailer

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