Chris Cuomo posts a photo of his ‘bicep’ in response to a troll: weirdest Twitter response

There is not a day that goes by when a celebrity is not trolled online by a freak, be it on Twitter or anywhere else. Many Celebrities decide to let go and believe in not creating a mess. But, there are some savage personalities too who take over the internet with just one tweet.

And this happened a few days back when CNN anchor, Chris Cuomo, was in the spotlight after giving witty statements to his trollers. Well, to say a series of wits would be wise.

Overview of the facade

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo attempted to retaliate against a Twitter user who snubbed him by uploading a close-up photo of his bicep in response.

To provide some background, the Twitter saga started when Cuomo shared a report from Seaside, Florida, about a condo building collapse. Everything was fine until Peter M. Pietrowski responded by calling Cuomo a “Fredo,” a derogatory term for Italian-Americans. 

All of the drama begins here, leading to several threads, including the one where Cuomo shows his bicep. 

The controversial Cuomo devoted most of the day replying to comments, including one from an unknown user with only 12 followers who said the “Cuomo Prime Time” presenter would break his arm pleasuring himself. Cuomo answered with a photo of his flexed bicep protruding from a CNN T-shirt.

What does Fredo mean?

Fredo is an abuse referred to as The Godfather’s Frederico Corleone (the “lamest” Corleone brother) and is thus used to imply a weak or vulnerable group member. Chris Cuomo is particularly offended by the term. 

What is the fuss all about

  1. Pietrowski, whose Twitter bio mentions that he is a Conservative practising Christian, a Two-time vet served in Afghanistan and Vietnam. He is also a former US Customs And border protection Anti-terrorism Team Supervisor. The reason for mentioning these designations is that to digest that, a reputed, experienced senior officer could also use a demeaning epithet. 

He took to his Twitter, and wrote-I am not a fan of Fredo; however, that was an excellent report.

This tweet was made in response to a video uploaded by CNN anchor Chris, where he reported in Florida for a collapsing building. 

Pietrowski thought he won until — 

Cuomo responded- a fan of All those who call themselves a Christian first and then act like trash.

Wooosh! Before the war is tilted to be finished, know that the real stuff is coming ahead. 

The enormous CNN host, who frequently uploads workouts to social networking sites, was mocked once more after his response to the Veteran. 

Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo

one user wrote, who goes by “uncle ruckus,” telling Cuomo he’s “gonna break your arm jerking yourself off.”

To which Cuomo had a little to say and a lot to show.

He tweeted-

That how this happened? Hahahaha. Come on, baby, don’t hate – facilitate. You can do better than this petty bs [inserts a whopping picture of bicep]

BecketAdams Responds hilariously to this tweet by “no, sir, I won’t break my arm jerking myself off. just look at this muscle.”

Response of the people

Cuomo’s tweet startled a lot of people. Many of the responses to Cuomo’s tweet were obscene, but others merely teased him for being “activated” by Twitter trolls. Cuomo was also referred to as “Fredo” by specific users, which the CNN host previously described as an “insult.” Not all of the reactions to Cuomo’s photo were harsh, with one person calling him an “emoji model”. A lot of others called this response the weirdest yet funniest response to a troll. 

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