Chris Evans Still Misses the Home Button on His iPhone 6S

Chris Evans has some reservations about the iPhone’s revolutionary capabilities. Evans, speaking to Collider, complained about the lack of buttons on his new iPhone 12 Pro and expressed nostalgia for the iPhone 6s.

The actor who made his name as Captain America—the supercharged hero known for tossing his enormous shield like a frisbee—has complained that his new phone is too heavy.

To put that in perspective, the weight of Captain America’s shield is only 12 pounds, or about 28.5 iPhone 12 Pros. At least in his toy form, Buzz Lightyear would be highly skeptical of smartphones, but the app keeps tabs on the man who voiced him.

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Chris Evans Misses iPhone 6S

Evans justifies himself by saying that even a very strong pinky couldn’t hold the phone up by itself. (This is not an urban legend; the way we hold our phones alters our fingers’ physical appearance.) Weight-wise, the iPhone 12 Pro is up nearly two ounces from the previous model. But there’s something about it that just doesn’t quite work.

Chris Evans Home Button iPhone 6S
Chris Evans Home Button iPhone 6S

“Do I miss the home button? Yeah, I do,” Evans continues.

Since 2017, Apple has been gradually eliminating home buttons, which has been met with widespread disappointment. Many people, including Evans, have not given up hope for the function.

Evans is well-known for his devotion to his iPhone 6s, which he bought when it was first released in 2015. When it finally became obsolete this past June, he said his goodbyes with great affection.

While Captain America probably doesn’t have particularly sensitive fingers, his penchant for making fun of modern gadgets and stubbornly clinging to older models of phones fits with his character.

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