Christina Lee Powell Death: Autopsy Reveals Mom Found In Car Died from Hyperthermia With Alcohol-Related Complications

Chrissy Powell, a mother from Texas, was found dead in a parking lot, and the autopsy report has revealed some disturbing information. The Bexar County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed that the 39-year-old died of hyperthermia and alcohol-related complications.

Christina Lee Powell Cause of Death

According to Fox News, the mother of two died of accidental hyperthermia brought on by ethanol intoxication. Christina Lee Powell, better known by her stage name Chrissy Powell, has been missing since the morning of July 5. Although she called in late for work, she never showed up. On Saturday, July 23, Powell’s body was discovered in the passenger seat of her car in a shopping center on the city’s Northwest Side. The Texan mother is thought to have been there for days.

Christina Lee Powell death
Christina Lee Powell death

San Antonio police said, “We did not find any evidence leading to a criminal investigation.” Law enforcement officials said they couldn’t find any indications of trauma. When authorities thought she was in the car, temperatures in San Antonio reached about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Ten minutes after leaving her house, Powell was found in her Nissan Rogue at the Huebner Oaks Center.

It was reported that a ring doorbell video shows Powell leaving her house at 10:30 a.m. with a white purse slung over her shoulder. She was so hurried to work that she allegedly forgot her phone and smartwatch at home. She forgot to take her vital medication with her. The police discovered Powell’s medical condition, which necessitates treatment by a physician.

It was reported that the family was given the tragic news that her body had been discovered in the car. “No one even knew she was there,” Powell’s mother, Claudia Mobley, sobbed. “It’s rough. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through. She was a wonderful girl. We were almost like friends, not just mom, and daughter. I miss her,” added Mobley.

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