Christine Quinn Net Worth 2022 UPDATED: How Much Money Does She Earns?

This Famous actress Christine Quinn was born in October 1988 and has grown up in Texas. She is famous for her role in this amazing show on Netflix known as 

Selling Sunset. Christine had even worked with the Oppenheim Group group while she was in Los Angeles. She was earlier an actress and model who turned into a real estate agent. As per TV Overmindshe went to Julliard School and had even worked as a model for Vogue.

Christine has also worked in movies such as Human vs Zombies, Hot Tub Machine 2, and Shark Night 3D. In an interview, she said that she had to be a member of the screen actors guild so that she can be eligible for SAG.

But she was a Senator of New York who was registered directly with the Screen Actors Guild so she couldn’t use her name and had given herself another last name in an interview with Daily Beast. She had selected her surname as Bently, in the 2020 interview.

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She further explained in an interview that she had joined Selling Sunset and said that she has been working with the Oppenheim group for five years now. The female workers of the company were close friends and they had gone on a lot of night-outs. She even added that they were asked to sit at tables and get all the bottle services.

She said that they were not only famous in the industry for real estate but they had an amazing social life and knew how to handle a huge family. Further adding that Jason was interested in marketing and every year he did a photoshoot for Billboard on Sunset Boulevard. Their third ad got the attention of Adam Divello who is also the creator of The Hills and Laguna Beach.


How Much Did She Earn From ‘Selling Sunset’?

Christine Quinn
Christine Quinn

It is not certain how much amount she had earned from her show selling sunset. Christian being a realtor of Oppenheim group sells multi-million dollar properties and lives a comfortable life. The average amount of fees that an agent received is somewhere between 3 to 6 %as per heart UK.  Davina Potratz of Selling Sunset shared that the brokerage always decreases the value.

\She said that the agent gets 75% of the commission and 25% of the commission goes to the broker. The broker is always responsible if anything goes wrong. She even added that all the salesman are required to work under brokers’ licenses and brokers have much more duties to fulfill. 

She even added it is true that if she earns a 2.5% Commission on the purchase price then the broker also gets cut from the commission and the broker shares a cut from his share with the salesman.

In the first 3 seasons of the sunset series, Christine sold approximately $37 million worth of properties from which she has generated more than $1million approx, as per Evoluted, a marketing agency. Christine has event received an estimated value of $8 million approx from all the commissions. 

In the entire show a total of $75, million of the property was sold and $2,250,000 was given Commission, from that Davina earned a total of $1.6million approx

Christine Quinn’s Net Worth

As per the net worth of a Celebrity, Christine has a worth of $1.5 million. Even though her net worth has more than a million dollars Chrishell Stause and  Heather Rae Young are worth more than her. Brett and Jason who are the owners of the Oppenheim company Have the highest net worth among all the members of selling sunset which is $50 million.

Christine’s husband Christian Richard is also a multi-millionaire even tho Christine is earning herself. Christian is an internet entrepreneur and also a software engineer and had married Christine in the third season of Selling Sunset. He is worth $20 million and he lives with Christine in a Hollywood Hill house worth 5 million dollars.  

The net worth of Christine is derived from commissions from the Oppenheim group and all the pay received from selling sunset. As per the reports, Christine even earns $3,184 for every article and she had a total of 2.1 million followers as of November 2021. She has even collaborated with ShoeDazzle and Clate London.

Christine Quinn Income Source

Other than having her work as an actor she also earns living as a real estate agent. She has earned a lot from her roles in television shows and films, She was even ranked as one of the top-earning agents of the Oppenheim Group, with a total earning of 9$ million in 2019. She even has a steady income as a fashion designer and has acted in Sunset selling on Netflix in 2019.

Christine Quinn Properties

Christine is a licensed real estate agent located in California and other states. She is the proud owner of many residences all around the country. After getting married to Christian she bought the Hollywood Hills house worth 5 million dollars in 2019.


Christine’s net worth is somewhere around 3 million dollars approximately. She is a top-notch model of sunset series playing on Netflix. She always enjoys traveling during her vacations and free time. Other than that she has various sources of income through modeling, acting and as a real estate agent she was in the spotlight last week because of her fight with Costar Emma in sunset selling sunset. 

As per the report, she makes a total of 2,50,000 dollars nearly as salary and other compensations. She was in a fight with her co-star because they have shared a common ex-boyfriend. Christine later announced that she is no longer working with the show and she was upset that this topic was brought up again in the show. Many sources even said that she had even left the Oppenheim Group group however no official statement has been made yet by Christine.

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