City on a Hill Season 3 Release Date Status And Everything You Must Know

‘City on a Hill,’ a Showtime drama executive produced by two native Massachusetts residents, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, is set in early 1990s Boston, when the crime is on the rise and law enforcement is more likely to turn a blind eye to wrongdoing, if not actively participate in it.

The former Brooklyn lawyer DeCourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge) becomes Assistant District Attorney and partners with dodgy but honest FBI expert Jackie Rohr (Kevin Bacon) to serve justice in Beantown.

Fans of The Departed, Eddie Coyle, and Affleck’s own Charlestown-centered film, “The Town,” will like City on a Hill, which features plenty of thick Boston accents, drinking, and tense burglaries.

Although only 66% of Rotten Tomatoes’ reviewers liked Season 1, the AV Club applauded the show’s March 2021 premiere, noting that it “begins its sophomore session with the brash confidence of Kevin Bacon’s Jackie Rohr.”
Season 2 of “City on a Hill” will conclude in May of 2021. Below is everything we know so far about Season 3.


Release Date for City on a Hill Season 3

“City on a Hill,” Season 3 was greenlit in June 2021 by the Showtime network, which would feature eight episodes.

This show’s renewal was expected even though the second season had just ended a few weeks before hearing the good news, given how well it was received by critics and how much fans loved seeing actors like Kevin Bacon play the lead roles in the series.

Fortunately, fans won’t have to wait long for Season 3 as they did between Seasons 1 and 2. Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, the first season aired in August 2019, while season two aired in March.

City on a Hill Season 3
City on a Hill Season 3

As soon as the renewal was announced, Deadline reported that filming would begin in New York City in late 2021 for the Showtime drama’s third season.  “City of a Hill” Season 3 is expected to premiere later in 2022.

The Cast of City on a Hill Season 3

“City on a Hill” Season 3 is likely to have the majority of the show’s regular cast. In light of Kevin Bacon’s Instagram activities, we know that he will be back as Jackie Rohr. Aldis Hodge (DeCourcy Ward), Lauren E. Banks (Siobhan Quay), and Jill Hennessey (Jenny Rohr) will all return for Season 3.

Father Doyle, played by Mark Ryder in Season 2, is expected to return for a third season.

Amanda Clayton, who played Cathy Ryan on the show, is unlikely to return because her character appeared to have permanently left Boston and the show in the Season 2 finale “Pax Bostonia.”

Activist Grace Campbell, whose sons Anton and Kelvin were members of Pernel Walker’s group and died tragically, may have played a role in the plot. Even though Season 3 isn’t out yet, it seems like both characters’ journeys have come to a natural conclusion.

The Plot of City on a Hill Season 3

“Pax Bostonia,” the final episode of Season 2, finds a number of the show’s protagonists seemingly at crossroads while others struggle to find a way ahead.

DeCourcy (Aldis Hodge) isn’t happy about Siobhan (Lauren E. Banks) working for the ACLU in Season 3 because it will likely lead to more professional conflict.

Agent Jackie Rohr (Kevin Bacon), has been without his badge since the last episode because he lost his job at the OPR meeting by tossing it into a lake like Dirty Harry.

We could see him dive even deeper into corruption in Season 3 or he could simply leave the Bureau and strike out on his own. After so many years of toeing the line between corruption and the law, it would be fascinating to watch Jackie as a rogue agent.

Storylines involving Boston history’s IRA and Catholic Church corruption were also established in Season 2, which might be developed brilliantly in Season 3. For the time being, Hulu has both seasons of the show available for streaming.

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