The Return of Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Has Been Confirmed!

The second season of “Classroom of the Elite” has been confirmed, and the even better news is that there will be a third season.

Who knows when Classroom of the Elite: Season 2 will be released on streaming services?  This season will be adapting how many volumes of the light novel?

This post will answer the questions of when Classroom of the Elite Season 2 will be released and how many episodes there will be. But first, some important information:

It’s a fantastic thriller anime with psychological elements. Ayanokouji, the show’s protagonist, is the show’s main focus.

Ayanokji, a brilliant student who prefers to keep his distance from his peers, is the subject of this tale. Class D is where he studies. Those students are sent there by the school.
Only one season of the Classroom of the Elite anime has been released so far.

The first season aired from July 2017 through September 2017 and featured 12 episodes. To date, there has been no airing of Classroom of the Elite Season 2.

Since a movie or OVA was never produced for this series, you can only watch the first season until the second and third seasons are released.

Anime fans are eagerly awaiting the release date of the second season of Classroom of the Elite, which has already been confirmed.

Now, let’s take a look at the light novel volumes that will be adapted and the release date of the second season of Classroom of the Elite.

Classroom Of The Elite Season 2
Classroom Of The Elite Season 2

Manga & Light Novels for Classroom of the Elite Season 2

It’s based on a popular light novel called Ykoso Jitsuryoku Shijo Shugi no Kyoshitsue in Japan.

Shgo Kinugasa is the author and Shunsaku Tomose is the illustrator of the Classroom of the Elite light novel series.

How many volumes are there for Classroom of The Elite?

The first-year Classroom of The Elite light novel series had 11 volumes published in Japan as of February 2022, according to the publisher. Six books have been read by the second-year students so far.

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A Manga Adaptation of the Elite’s Classroom Is Also Available

Volume 11 of the manga covered the entire first year of the series. The manga for the second year, which began in early 2022, is also available.

As a fan of “Classroom of the Elite,” I highly recommend checking out all six books in this series.

Is the Classroom of the Elite Light Novel Finished?

In 2022, the “Classroom of the Elite” light novel series continues.

On February 25, 2022, Shogo Kinugasa published his most recent book in Japan.

In 2021, three new books were published.

A release in June 2022 is most likely for Classroom of the Elite Volume 2nd Year Volume 7.

Season 2 Will Cover Which Volumes?

There will be four more light novel volumes in Classroom of the Elite season 2, which will cover volumes 4, 4.5, 5, and 6 or 7. Up to and including volume 11.5 will be adapted for the third season.

As a result, it will be a complete adaptation of the first year of Classroom of the Elite into anime. Volumes 1 to 3 of the Classroom of the Elite manga were adapted for the first season of the anime.

Please check out Classroom of The Elite light novel volume 4 if you’d like to read on from where season one left off.

For How Many Seasons Will There Be in Total for Classroom of the Elite?

At least six seasons are planned for Classroom of the Elite. Assuming that the second year will also be animated.

Another thing that baffles me is how they plan to fit so many volumes into just two seasons unless there are more than 12-13 episodes per season or the third volume is two courses long.

There are still 11 volumes of Classroom of the Elite’s first year to adapt. Adapting five novels for television in only 12 or 13 episodes would be a terrible mistake. For a total of 12 episodes, no more than three volumes are required.

The light novels in the Classroom of the Elite series are fantastic, and I highly recommend them. A minimum of five years will be needed to adapt the entire light novel series.

When Can We Expect Season 2 Of Classroom Of The Elite?

The second season of Classroom of the Elite has been confirmed, and it will be released on July 20, 2022, according to the show’s official release date.

In 2023, Classroom of the Elite will return for a third season. Even though I didn’t expect a second or third season of this show, I’m not surprised it got picked up. Light novel Classroom of The Elite is currently one of Japan’s most popular titles.

This time around, the studio Lerche has returned for a second season, and most of its staff looks the same, so I’m hoping they’ve learned from the first season and will produce a better adaptation. Please don’t make five books into 12-13 episodes.

Check out Classroom of The Elite merchandise while you wait for the new season of COTE. This franchise has produced some fantastic merchandise.

The Kei Karuizawa (Swimsuit Version) and the stunning Kei Karuizawa (Bunny Version) figure are just a couple of the amazing Classroom of The Elite merchandise items.

Updates on the Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Episode 1 release date will be added to this post as soon as they become available on the official Classroom of the Elite Twitter account.

Season 2 Trailer for Classroom of the Elite

You can watch the latest trailer for the second season of Classroom of the Elite below. Until the next trailer is released online, this post will remain up-to-date.

Cast and Characters of Classroom of the Elite

Ayanokouji as Shouya Chiba, Horikita as Akari Kitou, Kushida as Yurika Kubo, Hashimoto as Youhei Azakami ,Ichinose as Nao Touyama, Kei as Ayana Taketatsu.

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Final Lines

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