Clickbait Season 2: Is Netflix Planning For The Renewal Of The Suspense Drama? 

While the Internet offers many benefits, it also has a bad side that many people exploit that take wrong turns. Clickbait, a Netflix original series, explores the dangers of identity theft, which can lead to kidnapping and murder. “Clickbait” cautions its viewers about the perils of social networking but then takes it to the next level by showing them the consequences of catfishing. Similar to MTV’s Teen Wolf, but with serious consequences. “Clickbait” reminds us why Netflix shows are so popular. Some of Hollywood’s best performers take on a storyline that boggles the mind, but proceeds at a frenetic pace, concludes on suspense-like precision, and adds just enough tumble to keep the audience puzzled until the end. When you see “Clickbait” for the first time, you’re hooked, whizzed along, and satisfied for a short period before forgetting what you just watched. Despite its lack of subtlety, the eight episodes are regularly outrageous enough to keep you interested.

Many fans were left high and dry, starving more of this drama series after that unexpected ending. It may cause you to wonder if there will be a Clickbait season 2, and here are all your thoughts dealt with. 

Clickbait Season 2 Release date

Is Netflix thinking of the second season of Clickbait?

We don’t know for sure just yet! According to the show’s creators, it was originally intended to be a one-season miniseries and solve just one mystery- which it did pretty well. Netflix hasn’t indicated a desire to renew the series yet, although it might return, perhaps as an anthology series. During the COVID-19 issue, Clickbait Season 1 was put on hold. In November 2020, the show will resume production in Australia. If Netflix orders another season and filming begins this winter, a new chapter might be available on Netflix in the summer or fall of 2022.

Clickbait Season 2 Cast

“Nick Brewer,” played by Adrian Grenier, is the protagonist. Betty Gabriel and Zoe Kazan played Sophie Brewer and Pia Brewer, respectively. Jessie Collins plays Emma Beesley, Ian Meadows plays Matt Aldin, and Phoenix Raei plays Roshan Amir. As Andrea Brewer, Elizabeth Alexander played the role, and Abraham Lim played Ben Pak, who Abraham Lim played.

Clickbait Season 2
Clickbait Season 2

Aside from Daviel Henshall, Cameron Eagles and Steve Mauzakis, Clickbait also stars Motell Foster and Jaylen Fletcher. There were a few more actors in the cast.

Clickbait season 2 is unlikely to feature any of the previous cast members.

Clickbait Season 2 Plot

Were you predicting Clickbait’s surprising twist? Because we most certainly weren’t! We believed we knew exactly what would occur and who was to blame several times throughout the limited series, but we were repeatedly mistaken. It doesn’t appear that there will be a second season of Clickbait after the first conclusion. When Nick dies in the series, Dawn and Ed are revealed to be the murderers of Nick.

Find out who kidnapped Nick and why is the basis of this drama television series. Ultimately, both issues are answered, as well as others. Accordingly, Clickbait will have one season at the very most. We can only imagine how “Clickbait” will continue to solve riddles based on true stories but differently in Clickbait season 2. In an interview with a source, Tony Ayres said that the show is loosely based on several crimes with the same basic theme of what happens when “the virtual leaks into the actual and has a deep impact on human beings. Another scenario regarding cyberbullying or a social media influencer who disappears might be explored in Season 2. 

When Ayres is done with “Clickbait,” he plans on returning for more. He told a source, “I enjoy this layout, and if people connect with it, I’d love to do it yet again and so forth.” “Especially in the case of a more severe crime, I think it works pretty effectively in that case. Because everyone has slightly different [perspectives], I prefer to satisfy the whodunnit quality while still trying to take a deep dive on the character and at the same time do a 360 around an event. For a second or third season, I’ve got a lot of ideas.” 

The intriguing plot and excellent acting make this a must-see. While all of the mysteries of season one were resolved, audiences still want more. They want to see more stories and puzzles that reveal the harmful effects of the internet. Hope for Clickbait season 2 begins here! 

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